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What is a Census Records || 1940 – 1950 Census Records

census records
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What Is Census Records?

Census Records are information about family history that contains a lot of information that connects generations. In this blog, we will tell you about 1940 Census Records and US Census Records.

Whether you just started researching your American ancestors or have been doing it for decades the US federal census is a must for answers to questions. Like who are my ancestors and where do they live? Where do they come from? How did they put a roof over their heads and food on the table? But why the federal census of the United States Constitution requires that representatives to the US House are proportional to the number of people who live in each state?

Article 1 section 2 says that the number of Representatives is based on a national census conducted every 10 years. I know what you’re thinking what does that have to do with building your family tree?

Why Is A Census Taken

Census records help in tax purposes. The census impact can however be felt in a community at all levels. When a country holds a census, officials are able to see the country’s growth and change. This information allows the state to see where federal and state funds are to be allocated. The United States also uses census data to determine each state’s representation in state and federal parliament.

The United States has grown significantly in population since its initial years as a declared nation. You probably know many of the historical and political changes that contributed to this stunning increase if you are a student of American history.

In 1790, only 13 states consist of the United States, which already has about 3,929,214 inhabitants. Eighty years later the population grew by more than 800 percent, with 37 states considered to be part of the United States. In 1940, the U.S. was almost at its present level when the population was over 132 million (missing only Alaska and Hawaii). By 2010 the population had grown by over 150 million from the 1940 figure. In 2010, the population of the United States in the first census is almost 8,000% more than estimated!

1940 Census Records

The more they added over the years the bigger the payoff was for family historians now granted. The early census records aren’t the treasure trove of information that the 1940 census is but when building your family tree you take what you can get the Constitution was ratified in 1787. And the first census was taken in 1790 for the next 50 years they counted every one. But only recording the names of the heads of household and everyone else was a tick mark on a line for more on how to get the most from these records.

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You really should check out mark Lowe’s course on Ancestry Academy who is that tick mark using early census records in 1850 census enumerators finally began writing down the names of everyone they counted well every free person slave in 1850 and 1860 was recorded in separate slave schedules by ages and who owned them in 1850, 1860 and 1870.

We have names ages and a few other details but we don’t know how people in a household were related to each other. Starting in 1880 the census records included relationships between two heads of household and as we roll into the 20th century the census records not only listed how old and how they were related. But a lot of other useful information reveals who our families were and what their lives were. Like the founding fathers set about creating a government that represented its people. Fairly little did they know that they were also creating a treasure trove for future family historians like yourself.

When Will the 1950 Census Be Released?

People are so excited regarding the 1950 census records because the United States government was not released this. After a long time period, the United States government removed the restriction from the 1950 census record. Now the U.S. National Archives has released the 1950 Census record on 1 April 2022. And now the people who want to access this can check the records for free through a dedicated website. You can check the related link to the website.

So if you want to access the census records then go to the dedicated website and click on the related link and check your 1950 census data free.

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FAQ Questions About Census Records

#Q1. How do I find free census records?

Ans: With,, and viewing digitalized census records you can find free census records.

#Q2. What year are census records available?

Ans: 1930 census records are released in the year 2002 and 1940 census records were released in 2012.

#Q3. Why are some names blacked out on the 1939 records?

Ans: Some names are covered by a black line in 1939 records because there are no death records for them.

#Q4. What happened if you don’t fill out the census?

Ans: According to the United States government if you are 18 and do not fill out the census then you have to be fined up to $100.

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