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Check The Difference Between Family Tree Maker Vs Ancestry

family tree maker vs ancestry
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If you are searching for a family tree software and confused about which is good for you then read this post. Family tree maker and ancestry both are using creating family trees. Both are so popular in the genealogy world but some people are still confused about family tree maker vs ancestry.

They can’t understand what is good for them. If you are one of the people who are also confused in family tree maker vs ancestry then this post is only for you.

Here we tell you some tips or differences between family tree builder and ancestry so that you can easily get which is good for you.

Difference Between Family Tree Maker And Ancestry

Finding the right one software for making a family tree is just like finding the perfect person for you. But here we do this for you a little bit lighter. Here we give some differences between family tree maker and ancestry. Please check them and get a good understanding between family tree builders and ancestry.

Family Tree Maker Ancestry
Family tree maker is a software. Ancestry is a website.
Need no internet connection for running. Need an internet connection for running.
You don’t need to take any subscription. Need to take a subscription plan.
You can see different versions of family tree maker software. It has no version just because it is a website.
Use offline and online. Use online only.

I hope now you can understand easily which is better for your family tree builder or ancestry. Apart from this, we give some features of both software for making your decision easy.

Family Tree Maker Features

Here we give some features so that you can understand what you will get in family tree builder software.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy synchronization
  • Interactive maps
  • Charts and reports
  • Attractive graphs
  • Predefined templates

All these features make this so popular and famous. You can use its latest version of family tree maker 2019 software for more new features.

You can easily download family tree maker software or easily upgrade your family tree creator’s old version.

Features of Ancestry

Ancestry has the largest database of genealogy. You can easily find anyone from your ancestors and make your online tree. Apart from this, you can use its free database to search your family history. A free trial is also available in ancestry.

Here we give ancestry features. Please check them.

  • User friendly interface
  • Largest ancestry database
  • DNA testing
  • Census records
  • Different subscription plan

This is why people use ancestry rather than other genealogy software.


These are some common differences in family tree maker vs ancestry. We hope that now you can make your decision easily and choose the best one for you. If you have any issues regarding your family tree then contact us anytime.

We are always ready to help you. Dial +1-800-697-1474 for getting instant support. Use family tree maker live chat for free support.

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