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How To Restore A Deleted Person In Family Tree?

Restore deleted person in family tree
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Restore Deleted Person In Family Tree

If you want to find a person in your family tree that was deleted from the tree, you can find it from the latest changes list. In this post, we will tell you how to restore a deleted person in a family tree. If you also want to restore the deleted person then read this post. You can restore the missing individual in a family tree.

Steps To Restore Deleted Person In A Family Tree

Steps For Website

Please follow the given instructions to restore the missing person.

  1. If your family tree is on FamilySearch then first login into your FamilySearch account then navigate to the person page that you want to restore.
  2. Click on the Details tab.
  3. Click on the latest changes on the right side
  4. After clicking on the latest changes you will see a list of all changes the most recent changes at the top.
  5. Find the deleted entry in the list in the information column search for the world child relationship deleted or couple relationship delated.
  6. Click on the references.
  7. Review all the information about the relationship and deletion.
  8. Click on the restore relationship.
  9. After that you need to explain why you need to restore this person and then click on restore button.

You how to restore the deleted person in your family tree.

Steps For Mobile App

If we use the family tree mobile app to restore the person then you just want to tell you that mobile app doesn’t provide restore facility. Hindu family tree mobile app view the deleted relationship.

Step For Family Tree Light

If you are using family tree light it doesn’t provide you to restore the deleted relationship.


This is how you can restore the missing person in the family tree the website mobile app and family tree light. If you need any help regarding to restore the deleted person then you can call at +1-800-697-1474. This is the toll free number so that you can call us for free. From this we have 24/7 customer support service you can call us anytime.

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