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Easy Steps On How To Make A Family Tree?

how to make a family tree
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How To Make A Family Tree?

A Family Tree or a lineage is one of the best ways to preserve your family’s memories. Many people want to make a family lineage but they don’t know how to make a family tree. So in this post, we have some simple steps by following them anyone can build their tree. Apart from this, we also tell you what are the benefits of making a lineage tree.

Steps For Making A Pedigree Tree With Simple Steps?

After installing the genealogy software on your PC, you can start to make a genogram. By following the given steps, you can make a family pedigree easily. You can also make a family tree on paper if you can’t afford a genealogy program. For making a tree please follow the given instructions.

Gather Family Information

three people are searching the information

The first step for making an ancestry tree is gathering the family information. Keep in mind that as much information you have, your tree will be bigger. So, try to get more information about your family history or ancestors.

Select A Template

a blank family tree template for making a family treeThe second step to making a pedigree tree is selecting a template for your tree. You can check many family tree templates for your tree. Some of them are free also. Choose the templates for your lineage.

Insert Family Details Into The Tree Templates

blank family tree template

Once you choose a template for your tree the next thing to do is insert all the family records into the tree template. Start with you.

Decorate Your Ancestor’s Tree

decorated family tree

You can use different types of shapes and photos to decorate your tree.

Connect The Family Members

connecting people with lines

Using lines and shapes makes the connection between family members.

Save Your Tree

save family tree

After connecting your family members, it is time to save your tree. To save your tree click on the save button and your tree will be created.

Share Your Tree

sharing a family tree

After creating your pedigree tree, you can share your tree with your family members and with your friends. To share your ancestor’s tree, you can use the given options.

  • Take a print of your tree and share it.
  • Send the invitation link to your friends so that they can easily see your lineage tree.

This is how you can easily create and share your tree.

What Is A Family Tree/Lineage?

A graphical representation of your family is known as a family tree. You can also say it is a lineage. In a tree, you can preserve your family photos, videos, and many more things. It is just like a digital store to save your family documents or memories. You can also bookmark this page if you are busy now, you can read this when you have time.

Benefits of Making A Lineage?

There are a lot of benefits to making a pedigree, some of which are given below. Please check them.

  1. It increases the interest to know more about the family history
  2. Help to store family moments like photos, videos, and audio for the future
  3. Easily handle
  4. Easy to share
  5. Modify easily

These are the benefits of making a tree. So what are you waiting for go and make your beautiful pedigree by using any genealogy programs like Ancestry, Family Search, and Family Tree Maker 2019.

Pedigree Tree Templates

It is another way to make a genogram. Templates are so easy that anyone can make a genogram by using these templates. There are so many free pedigree tree templates that you can use to make a tree.


So this is how you can make a tree easily by following simple steps. If you are facing any problems after this then contact us at our support number to get instant support. Use our FTM live chat support for free support. You will get the best solution in just a single call. Call us right now at +1-800-697-1474 if you are facing a problem.

FAQ Questions

#Q1. How to make a pedigree tree-free?

Ans: By using Canva, you can make a tree free. Just launch Canva, and choose the best template for your tree. Insert the data into the tree template and click save.

#Q2. How do I start to build a tree?

Ans: First, gather information about your family or ancestor. Information such as name, date of birth, marriage, and death date. Insert this information into your pedigree tree.

#Q3. What is the best app for making a tree?

Ans: Quick family tree, MyHeritage, Lucid family tree, pedigree tree maker, and meWHO are the best apps for making a lineage.

#Q4. Is there a free family tree template?

Ans: The FamilySearch provides a free tree template for making a pedigree tree.

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