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Best Family Tree Ideas That You Can Use

family tree ideas
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If you are fond of family tree and want to decorate your home wall with your family tree than you should know how to present your family tree. Keeping this in mind, in this post we bring some best family tree ideas for you so that you can decorate your home’s walls with your beautiful family tree.

Best Family Tree Ideas

Here in this post, you will get some best family tree ideas that help you to decorate your home. Apart from this this is the best and easy way to show your family relation and preserving your family beautiful memories.

#1. Chalkboard Family Tree

chalkboard family treeThis is one of the best family tree ideas ever. In this family tree you can paste photos and written the family members name with chalk. This family tree looks so beautiful. You can hang this on your home wall it increases the beauty of your home and give an attractive look.

#2. Family Tree Decal

family tree decalThis is made of wood and you have to only paste your family photos in this beautiful family tree frame. You have seen this family tree ideas on some mall’s wall or at some home’s wall. It looks so beautiful. You can use this family tree ideas on your dining room.

#3. Wood Burned Family Tree

wood burned family treeAs its name it looks like a burned tree in which your family name written. You can use this family tree ideas as a painting that you can hang anywhere on your wall. You can easily make this family tree at your home.

#4. Family Tree Shadow Box

family tree shadow boxThis idea is one of the most beautiful and attractive family tree ideas that looks very attractive. It looks live a 3-D family tree painting with a shadow box.

#5. Thumbprint Family Tree

thumbprint family treeAs it names it is created by the thumb impression. Your thumb impression is works just like family leaves that give a different impression to your family tree. You can also use your ancestor’s thumb prints to make family tree leaves. If you want to write name on the leaves then you can also do this simply.

#6. Family Tree Wall Art

family tree wall artThis is an attractive and creative family tree ideas to build your family tree. It looks so lovely. You should try this family tree idea.

#7. Bottle Caps Family Tree

bottlecaps family treeIf you want to make a different and unique family tree ideas then this idea is best for you. By using bottle caps, you can easily make your family tree. Paste your family member photos on the bottle caps it looks so good and unique.

 #8. Quilted Family Tree

quilted family treeThis is the unique family tree ideas that you can make by a needle and a thread.

#9. Painted Gallery Wall

painted gallery artIf you are fond of painting then you can make this family tree easily on your home wall. Simple paint the tree trunk and branches on wall and then add frames for family photos as leaves. It look awesome and increase your home beauty.

#10. Love Letter Family Tree

love letter family treeUsing letters and leaves cut from photocopied pages from the past, such as your grandparent’s love letters, newspaper clippings, street maps, marriage or graduation certificates, you can create a family tree.


These are the best family tree ideas that you can use to make your family tree. If you need our help to make a family tree then call the family tree maker support and we tell you the best way to build  family tree in simple steps. For your help we give some FAQ Questions so that you can get your questions answer’s quickly.

FAQ Questions

#Q1. How do you make a good family tree?

Ans: For making a family tree first gather all the information about your family or ancestors. Once you get all the information then choose a family tree template for your family tree. After that insert all the information into your family tree templates and then click on save button. Your family tree will be created.

#Q2. Is there a template for a family tree?

Ans: Yes, you can easily get a family tree template online. This is the easiest way to create a family tree.

#Q3. How do you make a simple family tree?

Ans: Creating a family tree is very simple. Collect the family information such as name, date of birth, age, and sex. Choose a template for family tree and add photos if you want to add into your family tree.

#Q4. What should be included in a family tree?

Ans: You should add the given information into your family tree.
1. Name
2. Sex
3. Age
4. Graduation
5. Marriage
6. Military’s records
7. Death records
8. Newspaper

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