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Here you will learn to fix ancestry login, FTM, and ancestry sync issues. This blog is for those, who are facing a problem with syncing their FTM trees to Ancestry. There are several reasons why this issue occurs. so you would have to first check through a few reasons as to why you are facing syncing issues with your ancestry.

Ancestry Login issue – Ancestry ID or Password wrong

You could be facing syncing issues due to a change in your email address. So you should check if you are using the same email address or the user ID. However, if in case you are using a different email address then you would require speaking to ancestry and requesting them to update your current email address.

Check if you happened to change your ancestry account password- Ancestry Login problem

Now if you just changed your account password and did not do the updates then. first of all, you would have to fix this up. You need to enter the correct password so that you are able to login into your FTM account. And if that is the case then you might have to reset your password and then login with your new password. After that, you will have to also update your user ID and password as well in FTM software, make sure not on your computer browser.

Are you using an expired or active antivirus product?

There are times when a firewall can become a hindrance. And stop the communication between your FTM software as well as the internet. So you would need to check on that and then also see that the antivirus program has not expired. And if so, then you must remove it. Additionally, you also got to disable the antivirus program if found to be active, then you should allow the FTM program in your firewall so that your software is able to communicate directly with the internet.

Then have a check for updates if available

You should be relaxed as MacKiev usually sends the updated information if available from time to time. All you must do is make sure to check for the update message and then right away update your software. It would also be better if you choose to upgrade the software from FTM 14.1 to FTM 2017. You will definitely face a problem if you use outdated software as it will not function properly and give you a lot of trouble. After which you will see something like this image given below:

Now we hope that you have been able to learn Sync FTM Trees with an Ancestry Account. And now you are all set to get started. But if not so, and you face some difficulty while doing the same. Then you just need to take it easy, and right away contact the technicians on Ancestry login support at +1-800-631-1357. Now you can also call us at our new toll-free number +1-877-478-4954. You will then have a team of efficient techs to assist you with all the related glitches. For more information regarding family tree maker, you can visit the family tree maker site.

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