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My Family Tree | Free Family Tree Maker [100% Free]

my family tree
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What Is My Family Tree?

My family tree is a genealogy software by which you can easily create a family tree using simple and easy steps.

For one who wants to search their family history then it is one of the best applications for them. It helps them because it is a simple and easy way to create a pedigree. For downloading my pedigree tree please click here.

With my family tree, you can easily visualize and share your pedigree with photos, stories, and basic facts about each person. You can easily transfer your lineage tree data by using the GEDCOM file format.

Features Of My Family Tree Software

My pedigree provides a lot of features that we will tell you in the below paragraphs. Read the full article for that you don’t miss the important information.

Family Charts

With my pedigree, you will get interactive family charts. In these family charts, you can use the multi-touch pan and zoom options.


It is very easy to use. It provides you with high DPI displays, contrast themes, color filters, and screen records. You can also use friendly fonts and easy keyboard navigation.

Events Statistics

Here you can view all family events like births, deaths, and marriages in an interactive timeline.


It completely supports the GEDCOM file.


You can easily upload your documents and photos to your tree by scanning. After that, you can easily print your pedigree.

Language Support

It provides you over 20 languages with spell check support so that you wrote the right sentence.

Privacy Or Security

It allows you to protect and back up your data in an encrypted format. You can also use privacy policy settings to control the information in reports and printouts.

Customize Reports

With this, you can generate over 20 types of customizable web reports from family groups to personal timelines.

Printing A Tree

My pedigree provides you with an easy way to print a tree. You can also save your tree as an image or pdf file.


You can easily import places where your ancestors live on the map.

System Requirements

If you want to use this wonderful genealogy software then you should have the given software or hardware on your computer.

  • For using this on your computer there is windows 7 or its later version installed on your PC.
  • Microsoft .Net Framework should be installed on your PC.
  • 1 GB memory is required on your computer for this.
  • The hard disk should be a minimum of 20 MB.
  • The screen resolution should be 1024X768.

If your computer has the given software and hardware then you can easily use my family tree on your computer.


How To Make My Tree?

Please follow the given instructions to make a tree with easy steps.

  1. First, download my family tree on your computer.
  2. Install it on your computer.
  3. Open my family tree and click on create a tree.
  4. Insert information about your family.
  5. Connect them with the help of a line.
  6. Click on the save button. Your tree will be ready.

This is how you can easily make a tree on my family tree software.

Need Support

If still, you have any queries then you can contact us at our toll-free number +1-800-697-1474. You can also use our free support service, which is live chat support.

Go to our site and click on we are here button given on the right side bottom. As soon as you click on the given button, a new window will open. Fill in the information and click on the start chat button.

FAQ Questions

#Q1. How can I find my family tree for free?

Ans: If you want to find your tree free then you can use any website that is given below:
1. Access Genealogy
2. FamilySearch
3. MyHeritage
4. Olive Tree
5. Rootsweb
6. USGenWeb

#Q2. How do I print my entire tree?

Ans: To print your whole tree click on the trees tab and select the tree that you want to print from any ancestry website page. Click on the tree view from the left side of your tree. Click on the print button and your tree will be printed.

#Q3. How do I see my entire tree on ancestry?

Ans: Click on the tools in the top-right corner and select the tree that you want to see. Click on the view the entire tree option.

#Q4. Is there a family tree template on the word?

Ans: Yes, you can get a free template on word, which will be a blank family tree template. You can edit and save the records on that template.

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