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macOS Ventura Compability For FTM 2019: Everything We Know

macOS Ventura for FTM
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macOS Ventura For FTM

macOS Ventura, the nineteenth and current major release of macOS. It is used for Apple desktop operating system. If you want to know about the compatibility of macOS Ventura for FTM then read this post.

Here we will tell you more about macOS Ventura for family tree maker like its compatibility, features, and hardware support. macOS Ventura is the successor of MacOS Monterey and was announced at WWDC 2022 on 6 June 2022.

macOS Ventura Released Date

If we talk about its release date then it was released on 24 October 2022.

Features Of macOS Ventura 13.0

This included some new features and changes related to productivity and new apps. Here we describe all about that. Please have a look.

New Apps

Some of the new apps are included in macOS Ventura Update.

  1. Weather for the Mac.
  2. Mac Clock, displays the world time. You can also set alarms in this new Mac clock.
  3. In this update, you will get a stage manager. It is a tool for organizing windows.
  4. A productivity app named Freeform is like a whiteboard for real-time collaboration.


With this macOS Ventura, you will get some other changes that we are given below.

  1. With this update, you will get mail-related changes which are sent alter option and undo send.
  2. This feature produces richer search results.
  3. imessages that allow us to edit and unsend recent messages.
  4. Face time feature allows you to transfer a call between multiple Apple devices.
  5. A new UI (user interface) known as “about this Mac”.
  6. New game center dashboard.
  7. New maps
  8. Amazing new backgrounds and screensaver.
  9. Background sound.

These are some new apps and changes that you will get in the macOS Ventura upgrade.

Supported Hardware

Please check the supported hardware for macOS Ventura so that you can easily use MacOS Ventura for the Family tree maker.

macOS Ventura supports Mac operating only and if you are a family tree user and want to use macOS Ventura then check the hardware that supports it.

  1. iMac 2017 or later
  2. iMac 2017 Pro
  3. MacBook Air 2018 or later
  4. MacBook Pro 2017 or later
  5. Mac Pro 2019
  6. Mac Studio 2022
  7. Mac Mini 2018 or later
  8. MacBook 2017

macOS Ventura Wallpaper

You can also download macOS Ventura wallpaper right now. Here you will get two color options in Ventura wallpaper which are orange shades with blue background and the second is blue and red. Blue and red colors you will get after when you use dark shades.

Have Any Queries Or Need Support?

This is all about the macOS Ventura for FTM  and macOS Ventura Update. If you need any kind of help regarding your genealogy program like family tree maker then for getting instant support call +1-800-697-1474.

This is the family tree maker support number which is a toll-free number so that our customers feel free to call us anytime. You can also use live chat support for free.

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