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Ultimate Guide How To Do Genealogy Search Free

genealogy search for free
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Genealogy search is a very important and basic part if you are making a family tree. Do you want to make a family tree for yourself and want to do a genealogy search for free? If yes, then read this post. In this post, we will tell you about the best genealogy software by using them you can easily do your genealogy search for free.

In the market, you will get different software for a genealogy search. Some software is free and some are paid. Due to paid software, some people could not make their family trees. So keep this in mind we bring this topic today “Genealogy search for free”.

Here you will get detailed information about how to do a genealogy search for free. As much information you have your family tree will be big.

How To Do Genealogy Search For Free

Here we give some free genealogy search software or website by using them you can easily do your genealogy search for free.


FamilySearch is one of the best software for making a family tree. With this, you can easily do your genealogy search yourself. Means you don’t need any help for your genealogy search. FamilySearch is a non-profitable software that is free. It has one of the world’s largest family trees.


If your ancestors were British Irish then Findmypast is best for you. It has just double Irish records then other genealogy websites. Now you are thinking that when you have already an ancestry and FamilySearch site then why do people use Findmypast then the answer is and focus on North America. You can easily upload a GEDCOM file from another website with Findmypast.


When we are talking about genealogy and in such a situation, the ancestry name does not come it can’t happen. Ancestry is one of the largest names in the genealogy world and it has the largest genealogy records and family trees in its database.

If you want to do your genealogy search for free then you have to choose once. In ancestry, you can get all the records of your family whether it is the pic of your grandmother childhood.

Legacy Family Tree

The last software for doing a free genealogy search is a legacy family tree. You can also use the legacy family tree for creating a family tree. You can easily track your genealogy history with the legacy family tree.

Genealogy Software For Making A Family Tree

Here we give some best genealogy software for making a family tree. These all software are free of cost.

Family Tree Maker

If you want to make your family tree with easy and user-friendly software then we recommended family tree maker software. It is very easy to use and you can easily do your genealogy search for free.

You can use its latest version family tree maker 2019 for making a family tree in simple steps. Some people use family tree maker 2017 also for making a family tree. You can choose any one of them. Click here for checking family tree maker versions.

RootsMagic Essentials

It is a free genealogy software and currently, RootsMagic 8 is the latest version of RootsMagic software. You can also use its famous version, which is RootsMagic Essentials for doing your genealogy search for free.


Gramps is used for doing Genealogy searches for free. It is developed in Python language. Gramps is an open-source software that makes it more comfortable.


These are the 7 best genealogy software that you can use for a free genealogy search. Still, if you have any questions then you can call the family tree maker support any time 24/7 at +1-800-697-1474. For doing a live chat with our best technicians use the family tree maker live chat service.

FAQ Questions

#Q1. What is the best free genealogy site?

Ans: Some best free genealogy sites are national archives, library of congress, Allen country public library, and ancestry free indexes.

#Q2. Which is the simplest free genealogy site?

Ans: If you want to use simplest genealogy site then you have to choose Olive Tree Genealogy, RootsWeb, Access Genealogy, FamilySearch, and Chronicling America.

#Q3. How can I lookup my ancestors for free?

Ans: Using Findmypast, you can easily look up your ancestors for free.

#Q4. How much does genealogy cost?

Ans: The cost of genealogy can be $30 to $40 per hour over $200 per hour.

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