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FTM Live Chat | Family Tree Maker Support

ftm live chat

Last updated on December 27th, 2022 at 05:23 am

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Suppose you are using a Genealogy software like family tree maker or Ancestry and need help. Then use FTM live chat (family tree maker live chat) to get instant support. If you want to use the FTM Live Chat service, read the full article.

You can also use family tree maker live chat help when you want to install a family tree or make a family tree. Finally, at last, we give an FAQ Questions series that help you find the answers to your doubts.

What is FTM Live Chat?

FTM Live Chat is a support service provided by family tree maker support. It is a free service. You can contact our tech team and ask them for help with this service.

Our tech team members are always ready to help our customers. In addition, we have 24/7 customer support so that our customers can connect with us at any time.

What Is Family Tree Maker Support?

Family Tree Maker Support is a reputed company established in the year 2015. Still, we fix all the issues regarding Genealogy software like family tree maker or Ancestry. Until now, we have resolved thousands of queries regarding genealogy software, which is why we have 99.99% happy and satisfied customers.

Which Types Of Services Family Tree Maker Support Provides?

Family Tree Maker Support provides three types of services: Chat Support, Call Support, and Remote Access Support.

Chat Support

It is also known as the FTM Live Chat, or family tree maker live chat. You can live chat with our technician and get the best solution using Family Tree Maker live chat.

Call Support

You can use our call support if you do not get your answer in Live chat support. You can call the family tree maker support and get the best solution.

Here you will get your solution in just a single call. Our family tree maker support number is +1-800-697-1474. Call us any time and get the best solution. We provide a 100% guarantee to resolve your issues.

Remote Access Support

If the problem is complicated and you do not get your solution, don’t worry! We have our third support service – Remote access support. Our tech team member takes remote access to your computer or another device in this support.

Once they get the issues, they will tell you the problem and resolve your issues in just a few minutes.

How Can You Use FTM Live Chat?

Go to family tree maker support if you want to use FTM live chat. Once the site is open, check the bottom right side. There you will see a button named online. This is Family Tree Maker Live Chat button. Click on that button, fill in the information, and click on start a live chat. Your Family Tree Maker Live Chat will be on.

A tech team member will be on the other side of the live chat section. Tell your issues to the technician, and then they will tell you the best solution.

If FTM Live Chat is not answering in any situation, then don’t worry. Leave your query with your name, email, address, and contact number. Our tech team member will contact you ASAP.

The benefit of FTM Live Chat

There are a few benefits of FTM live chat which are given below:

  • First, it is a free service, meaning you don’t need to pay a single amount for this.
  • Get 24/7 customer support.
  • Easy to use.
  • Get the instant answer.
  • You have a written solution that is beneficial for you the next time.


Here is all for the FTM Live Chat. For more critical topics, stay tuned with us. If you like this post, then share this so that other people also can get the benefits. Did you not get your answer? Please check FAQ Questions.

FAQ Questions

#Q1. Is Family Tree Maker Discontinued?

Ans: NO, the family tree maker is not discontinued. You can install a family tree maker still now. Only the older version of the family tree maker is not supported. You can use the latest version of family tree maker.

#Q2. What has happened to Family Tree Maker?

Ans: Family Tree Maker is sold and is now supported by the software Mackiev.

#Q3. How do I update Family Tree Maker?

Ans: For updating your family tree maker, go to the help center and check the update option. You can also call the family tree maker support number at +1-800-697-1474.

#Q4. Will there be a family tree maker in 2020?

Ans: Family Tree Maker 2019 is still the latest family tree maker software version, even in 2021.

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