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Is There Any Family Tree Maker 2023 Available?

A girl photo thinking is there any Family Tree Maker 2023 available or not
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What’s up, guys? I hope you are doing good. Today, we will discuss about Family Tree Maker 2023 (FTM 2023) program. As we know, the Family Tree Maker program is one of the best genealogy programs in the world.

FTM 2019 is the latest version that people are using to make their family tree. But with this, people are also searching for family tree maker 2023 and its successors like FTM 2022 and FTM 2024. Because FTM 2019 was released in 2019 and till then there has been no new version available in the market.

But for Family Tree Maker users there is an announcement from the Mackiev company. On February 11, 2024 Mackiev announced that Family Tree Maker 2024 is coming soon.

After this announcement, people continuously asked the same question when they could download it. Although the company has also started its pre-orders, still the download option for FTM 2024 is not available. But before purchasing this, please check what’s new in FTM 2024.

So, finally, we just want to tell you that there is no FTM 2023. Except this, you can pre-order your FTM 2024 and get exciting offers and deals on FTM 2024 pre-orders.

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