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Full Reviews Of Ancestry DNA

reviews of ancestry DNA
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In-Depth Reviews Of Ancestry DNA

Learn where you are coming from and know more about your ancestors with ancestry DNA. Map your family tree and search for your relatives all over the world. In this post, we will tell you brief reviews of ancestry DNA.

Reviews of Ancestry DNA

With ancestry DNA, you will get three types of services AncestryDNA, AncestryDNA + Family Tree Bundle, and AncestryDNA + Traits.

Key Takeaways Of Ancestry DNA

AncestryDNA is the largest home DNA testing company of the world with the largest DNA profiles database. It is the best for analyzing your ancestors and origins. Before submitting a sample for analysis, please make sure that you understand the privacy and what the risks you are comfortable with.

DNA Tests And Health Risk Assessments

If you want to analyze your genetic health risks then remember one thing is ancestry DNA tests are not designed for this. In the year 2019, the company did venture briefly into offering health tests. But the company closed this health testing in January 2021.

Ancestry Health tried to compete against a similar company like 23andMe. As the company stopped its health test service so if you want an analysis of your genetic health risks then you should consider another direct to consumer DNA test kit company like 23andMe.

Why We Choose Ancestry DNA?

It has the largest DNA profile database among home testing companies. Ancestry has more than 20 million DNA records in its network, signicantly more, than 23andMe, the second largest company in ancestry search records.

You can also check the best genealogy website for beginners.

Features And Limitations Of Ancestry DNA

Features of ancestry DNA are given below:

  • The company has the largest ancestry database in its records.
  • Ancestry has more than 20 million ancestry DNA records.
  • You can integrate DNA analyses into the ancestry database of billions of family genealogical records.
  • Free shipping.
  • Over time the result continuously updated.
  • Data integrated into the company’s highly rated online tools for use in ancestor research.

Limitations of Ancestry DNA

Limitations of ancestry DNA are given below:

  • Provided limited access if you are looking for the lineage outside of Europe.
  • Doesn’t provide genetic health risks information.
  • Take more time in the result than other companies’s test.

How Ancestry DNA Works

When you place an order on the company’s website then ancestry will send you a DNA kit in your mail. You will get a tube for saliva collection, directions, a prepaid mailer with ancestry DNA kit for you to send the sample.

The direction/manual tells you how to collect your saliva. The manual give you the tips for encouraging saliva production, like rubbing your cheeks and placing sugar on your tongue. When you done it then send it to the company in the mailer.

How Much Ancestry DNA?

The cost of Ancestry DNA is $99. For $1more, if you want to get the DNA kit and a three month, auto-renewing membership in world explorer. If you want information about personal traits then you have to pay $119.

How Accurate Is Ancestry DNA Matches

Generally, AncestryDNA receives favourable reviews. According to the 44% customers it is excellent, 42 % rate it as bad, and the remaining 14% rate ancestry DNA as an average.

We have some screenshots of the customers you can also check them and make your decision.

customer review customer review


Here is the full reviews of ancestry DNA. We hope you will get a good knowledge about ancestry DNA after this reviews. If still you have some doubt then you can contact us any time at our toll-free number. Our toll-free number is +1-800-697-1474. If you want a free support then try family tree maker live chat. It is a free service and provides the best solution. You can also check given FAQ question section.

FAQ Questions

#Q1. Is AncestryDNA is better than 23andMe?

Ans: Both compaines provides the similar services but in a different manner. You can choose the best service according to you. Ancestry is specially used for making family tree and 23andMe is used for identifing the possible genetic diseases.

#Q2. How long does Ancestry DNA take?

Ans: Ancestry takes six to eight weeks after sending the sample.

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