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Fixing Orange Sync Weather Issues In FTM 2017 – 2019

orange sync weather issue

Last updated on April 28th, 2023 at 12:14 pm

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Orange Sync Weather Issue In Family Tree Maker

Hello there, welcome to We provide the best support for genealogy programs like family tree maker, ancestry, etc. Unfortunately, in April 2023, we are receiving orange sync weather issues. That’s why we are writing this post so our customers can get help.

Today we’ll explain simple steps for resolving the orange sync weather report issues. But first, we want to tell you a sync weather report that help you to get a better understanding.

The company introduced the sync weather report feature with the release of Family Tree Maker 2017 which was also included in Family Tree Maker 2019. The concept of a weather report is clear that it provides a quick and precise report about your tree syncing. In addition, it tells whether your tree sync correctly or not.

Whenever you sync your family tree a sync weather report is generated that tells you about your tree sync conditions.

If we talk about the types of sync weather reports then there are three types of sync weather reports which are; Green, Red, and Orange.

Every color sync report tells a different report about your family tree sync. If you want to know about all these sync reports then read this until the end.

What Does Every Sync Report Tell About Your Family Tree Sync?

As I told you that every color of sync report tells a different report about your family tree. So check which color tells what about the sync report.

Green sync weather report: If your sync weather report is green, everything is ok and there is no problem in your family tree sync.

Orange sync weather report: If your sync weather report is orange, you must fix some issues with your family tree sync.

Red sync weather report: The third sync weather report is the red sync weather report. If your sync weather report is red, there is a major issue with your family tree synchronization, and you need to fix it immediately.

Note: In April 2023, we received a lot of issues with the orange weather report. If you are also facing the same issue then let us know. Call +1–800–697–1474 and get the best support. Currently, our tech team is working on this issue but if you need immediate need to sync your family tree and want to resolve this issue then chat with our tech support team. They will help you and provide you the best solution in just a few minutes.


Apart from this, there are some most important recommendations for you when you sync your family tree. Please check them.

Sync: If you need to sync your family tree urgently, please take a backup of your family tree first then go ahead. If your sync fails then try again after an hour.

Uploads and Downloads: If you are facing any sync weather report and you are uploading and downloading new things, then it is recommended that don’t do this task because you may lose your data.

Didn’t Get Your Answer?

If you did not get your answer, call the family tree maker support toll-free number right now at +1–800–697–1474. You can also use our live chat support service for free. Our technician team will always be ready to help you 24/7.

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