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Create A Online Family Tree On FamilySearch

online family tree
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If you want to show your family history creatively, you can use the free online family tree templates. Family Tree Charts look great on the wall and filling out them is a great activity that is full of fun to bring the whole family together. You can print one or more of the family trees by filling out the boxes with your family person’s name. The below steps help you to create an online family tree on FamilySearch.

How To Make An Online Family Tree On FamilySearch?

You can use the free family tree maker on FamilySearch to record your genealogical history. There is no need to print the family tree. FamilySearch provides a wonderful free family tree maker which you can access right from the app store or from your browser!

The FamilySearch provides an easy online Family Tree in the form of a template for recording your family history. You can view your family tree after filling out basic information about your family. It is recommended to start with the first four generations. FamilySearch helps you to view your family tree in more than one way. You can see it on the fan chart or pedigree chart. If you want to print your online family tree chart on FamilySearch then you can do this.

Online Family Tree Ideas

You can check out FamilySearch’s online family tree template. It pulls up your tree directly from your FamilySearch account. You just need a free FamilySearch account where you just need to enter names to your family tree. FamilySearch automatically generates a family tree image.

How To Start A Family Tree?

Creating a family tree is free and easy. Below are the steps to Start a Family Tree on FamilySearch.

Step 1: Create A Free Account

Firstly, you must create a Free FamilySearch account. It would not only help you to start your family tree but also gives access to FamilySearch’s online records.

Step 2: Add What You Know About Your Family

Secondly, you must start building your tree with whatever information you have collected. Try to start the family history with at least the first four generations. The information you enter is safe and secure because FamilySearch protects the privacy of living people. When it is secure, no one else can see what you enter about yourself or other living members of your family.

Step 3: Connect To An Extensive Database Of Information On The FamilySearch Portal

FamilySearch tries to connect you to any information it has about a deceased relative for which you enter the information on the tree. If FamilySearch finds a match for that person, it can auto-populate information. Hence the time and energy are saved!

The World’s Largest Shared Online Family Tree

When you enter your family information on the FamilySearch in the form of a tree, you are not weaving the family history but also contributing to the creation of a global, cohesive family tree for mankind.

FamilySearch strives for keeping just one public profile for every deceased person who lived on this planet for once. Descendants like you add what you know about that deceased person to a single, shared profile. Instead of having information saved across multiple profiles on more than one tree.

1. Build a Tree With Ease

When you connect to the FamilySearch shared tree, a few of your ancestors may have an abundance of information already in their profile. FamilySearch can also show you records for that ancestor.

2. Collaborate To Make Your Tree More Productive

FamilySearch Family Tree helps you to share information that other researchers might not be aware of and add sources to confirm correct information. You can decorate the shared tree, which can be completer and accurate than individual trees.

3. Connect With Family Members

When you work on a shared global tree, it also helps descendants to establish a connection with each other. You would be able to get more information from a relative who has more information about a common ancestor. Your relative might have visited the grave of the same ancestors.

We hope after this post, you can understand how to create an online Family Tree on FamilySearch


In this article, we tell you how to make a free online family tree on FamilySearch. If still, you have some issues then you can call the family tree maker support number at +1-800-697-1474.

FAQ Questions
#1. What is the best online family tree?

Ans: You can’t say which is the best online family tree because every person has their own choice. If you want to know the best online family tree then you can go for ancestry family tree, my heritage, Find my past, and family tree.

#2. How can I find my family tree online for free?

Ans: Go to and log in with your username and password. After that, type your family tree name in FamilySearch records.

#3. How do you make a digital family tree?

Ans: You can make a digital family tree by using Canva. For this, first, you have to download the Canva app and then explore the templates. Find the right features for your family tree.

#4. What are the best genealogy sites for free?

Ans: Some best genealogy sites for free are: access genealogy, FamilySearch, HeritageQuest online, olive tree genealogy, and RootsWeb.

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