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Moving Legacy Family Tree To Heritage Genealogy Program

move legacy family tree to heritage
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Move The Family Tree From Legacy To Heritage

If you want to move the legacy family tree to heritage, this post will help you. This post will explain simple steps to move the family tree from legacy to heritage.

So read the full article and learn about moving the legacy family tree to heritage with simple steps.

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Here we will explain to you how to export GEDCOM files in Legacy. If you don’t know what a GEDCOM file is, it is a simple file containing all the data of your family tree and is used to quickly upload your family tree from one genealogy software to another.

Steps To Transfer The Family Tree From Legacy To Heritage

Please follow the given steps for moving the legacy family tree to heritage.

  1. First, choose the export GEDCOM file option from the file menu.
  2. Choose the type of your GEDCOM file to produce.
  3. Select the records that you want to include in the file.
  4. After this, press the compile button. Ensure the file is correct and contains the right information about you.
  5. You can also customize your file by pressing customize button.
  6. After checking all the desired settings, click on the START EXPORT button.
  7. Type the file name by which name you want to save the file. You can take any name up to eight characters.

This is the process of exporting the GEDCOM file. These steps are helpful when you move your legacy family tree from one computer to another. But if you want to move your family tree from legacy to any other genealogy program, you need to choose the given option.

LDS Ancestral File

This file contains the given information about your family tree.

  1. Name, sex, birth, christened, death, buried, and marriage information
  2. Ancestral file number and ref number
  3. Notes
  4. Sources
  5. All LDS ordinance information


Using the GEDCOM file, you can quickly move your family tree from legacy to heritage or any other genealogy program. If you need help, please call the family tree maker support at +1-800-697-1474.

You can also use our live chat support for free support. In a live chat, you will connect with our best technician team members to help you with the best solution.

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