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Genogram Maker | Make Your Free Family Genogram

genogram maker
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Discover The Family History With Genogram Maker

Like other genealogy software or websites, a genogram maker is also a family tree maker. You can also represent your family relationship and history in a graphical manner. The best thing about a genogram maker is it is not limited to a family tree because it captures the hereditary patterns of medical and psychological facts about the family.

What Do You Get In A Genogram Maker?

  1. Discover your family history
  2. Map family relationships easily
  3. Get everyone around one canvas
  4. Share genograms in multiple formats

How To Create A Genogram?

To create a genogram, please follow the given steps.

First, Find The Objective To Create A Genogram

Before making a genogram tree first, you have to know the objective of why you need to create a genogram. Then start your genogram.

Get The Scope Of The Genogram

Know the scope of the genogram like how much generation information is available.

Collect Information

Collect the information about your family history. As much you have members as bigger your family tree will be created.

Represent Information

Once you do all these after that represent your family information in the family tree.

Analyze The Information

After making your tree, analyze the information once. Analyze the relationships and patterns amongst family members in-depth. Marriages, divorces, children, and so forth. Attempt to comprehend the state of their emotional relationships with one another. You’ll be able to learn about your family’s medical history, relationship problems, and so on.

Share the family tree You can also share the family tree. Share an invitation with your friends. You can also download your family tree as a pdf, image or SVG format.

Need A Support

We think now you have a clear understanding of the genogram maker and how to create a family tree in a genogram maker. If you still face any problems then you can contact us anytime at our toll-free number +1-800-697-1474.

This is our toll-free number so feel free to contact us. Our tech support team will assist you and give you the best solution to your problem.

FAQ Questions

#Q1. How can I create a genogram online for free?

Ans: For creating a genogram online for free use Canva. Canva offers you a free genogram online.

#Q2. Can you create a genogram in Word?

Ans: You can create a genogram in word as a project that helps you remember your family history.

#Q3. Where can I make a genogram?

Ans: You can make a genogram in LucidChart. It makes your job easy.

#Q4. How is a genogram made?

Ans: A genogram is made with simple symbols that represent the relationship in a family tree.

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