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family tree maker free

Last updated on August 3rd, 2021 at 06:51 am

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With thousands of free templates, you can easily make a free family tree maker. Do you want to download a family tree maker free? If yes, then stay tuned with us. In this post, we will tell you how can you get a free family tree download. If currently, you are busy then you can bookmark this page so that you can read it after some time.

Family Tree Maker Free Download

I think, almost every person is very well known about Canva. Canva is a very famous and popular banner or picture creator. With Canva’s Family Tree Maker, you can easily make your free family tree. In Canva, you will get hundreds of free templates which you can easily customize. In a few clicks, you can easily create a visual map of your ancestors.

What You Get With Family Tree Maker Free

As we know, it is a free family tree maker but apart from this, you will get a lot of features with this. Giving a family tree as a gift to your family is not easy. For that, you have to create a unique and fresh template. So that, your family member feels special. With this FTM free version, you get the following things:

  1. 20+ professionals types of graphs to choose
  2. Professionally designed templates that make your work easy
  3. Easy data visualization – no additional software to learn
  4. High revolution family tree that you can easy share, publish and download
  5. Easy presentations of family trees
  6. Easy drag and drop features

How To Make A Family Tree

Launch Canva:

For this first, you have to download the Canva app and install it. After that, you have to open the webpage. Then log in to your Canva account if you have no account then first create an account. You can easily create your Canva account by using your email id or Facebook. After that, you can easily launch a fresh page to make your design.

Explore Templates:

Choose the best template from family tree maker templates. For this, you can use search tools and filters so that you get the best colour and themes.

Find The Right Features:

Browse thousands of icons, images, photos, shapes, and lines to make your family tree attractive. Find the perfect frames to show your family tree theme.

Move Things Around:

If you like your template but want to make some changes. It’s simple to change the features and elements to make them exactly how you want them. Change the colour scheme, upload your own family photos, or swap out artwork from one design for another.

Save, Share, And Print:

When you are all set then that you can easily save, share, and print your family tree. Share your family tree with your family members and friends. You can save your family tree in PDF, PNG, or JPEG format. If you want to share your family tree then you can easily share this with Facebook or via email. You can also print your free family tree with high-quality revolution.

Discover Your Family Story

Instead of using pre-made templates, Canva’s family tree creator allows you to add as many family members as you like, create custom maps, or start from scratch.

Use Free Image Editors

If you are making a family tree means maybe you have some photos before the age digital camera. By using Canva’s family tree maker, you can edit your images free. With canvas in-build image editor you can easily edit your photos or images like brightness and contrast. You can also use different filters for your photos.

Create Unique Design

By using Canva’s family tree maker you can easily create a unique design. Different shapes or lines or colours make your design unique.

Save Your Design With Ease And Access them From Any Device

Canva family tree maker provides you with an auto-save option. So you don’t need to worry about saving your templates again and again. Apart from this, canva family tree you can edit or operate from any device.

Family Tree Maker Templates For Free

You can also use family tree maker free templates and choose the best one for your family tree. These family tree maker templates are editable and you can easily edit these templates.


So in this post, you learned about family tree maker free downloads and from where you can get them. Apart from this, you can also learn how to make a free family tree by using Canva. If you want to read this topic then go to Google and search free family tree by using Canva by familytreemakersupport.

FAQ Questions

What is the best family tree maker free?

Family Tree Maker, FamilySearch, RootsMagic, and Brother’s Keeper are known as the best family tree maker.

Where can I make a family tree maker for free?

Canva’s family tree maker provides you to make a family tree maker for free. You can easily make a free family tree by using Canva.

Is Family Tree Maker still available?

Yes, a family tree maker is still available. The latest version of family tree maker is family tree maker 2019.

How much does a family tree maker cost?

If you are a new customer of family tree maker then you have to pay $79.95. But if you want to renewal your FTM then you have to pay $59.95. If you want to renewal right now then currently you can renewal your FTM for just $49.95.

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