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What To Do After Discontinuation Of Family Tree Maker?

Discontinuation Of Family Tree Maker
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Discontinuation Of Family Tree Maker Software

The family tree maker user was upset when announced that they will discontinuation of Family Tree Maker. They think about what to do after the discontinuation of family tree maker. What will happen with their family trees?

A lot of customers were full angry because after a lot of searching they build their trees. And after the announcement of ancestry, all of their trees will be lost.

They have a lot of negative feedback on their blog. Alternative options have not been suggested by Ancestry. The company’s only answer is that it would focus on online solutions since it does not anticipate any profit in desktop software in the future.

This means that users who have used just to create their family tree will need to renew their subscription each year in order to access all of their previous work. People’s family trees will be stored on the cloud, therefore if the cloud or Ancestry ever goes down or out of business, they will lose their information. This can take years or perhaps decades to complete.

Others utilize the FTM desktop software’s online capability to link with and automatically find and download records to their family tree. It helps you save a lot of time when it comes to collecting and cataloging research. Because FTM will no longer be available for purchase after the end of the year, there will be no further software upgrades, and will no longer maintain it after January 2017.

FTM has been operating since the mid-1990s and was one of the earliest family tree software tools available, so this is a huge deal in the genealogy industry. It was originally produced by Broderbund, and it was only subsequently purchased by

Alternative App/Software After Discontinuation Of Pedigree Maker

Some clients have been using this one program to record their family history and genealogical information for nearly two decades. Finding a replacement will be a top priority for Family Tree Maker users, and it will be a significant adjustment for many of them, particularly those who have been using it since the beginning.

Now the only option that family tree maker users have is alternatives to FTM. Because the family tree maker is not giving support to FTM. That’s why many people are feeling uncomfortable about where they put their genealogy information. Getting used to a new way of recording information on their family tree will be a necessary evil.

Finding an alternative to FTM is difficult because no other family tree software is compatible with it., like Broderbund before it, made this a point to secure customer retention. It’s difficult to imagine manually transferring tens of thousands of names and thousands of pages of notes from FTM to another genealogy software tool.

Some Best Tips For Making Data Transfer After Discontinuation Of Family Tree Maker

Here are some tips for making data transfer easier, as well as several alternative software applications that are just as excellent as FTM, if not better, according to many genealogists who use them.

Make a GEDCOM File

Although FTM files are incompatible with other genealogy software, they can be converted to GEDCOM files. Many different family tree software packages can read GEDCOM files. It’s a major deal to be able to transmit your information, including images and media files, without having to copy it all by hand, which may take months or longer depending on the size of your family tree, regardless of which program you use.

To create a GEDCOM file with FTM, open your family file in the program, then click “File>Export File>Entire File” from the main menu. You’ll see a popup menu that says “Save as Type.” Choose GEDCOM from the drop-down menu. Click “OK,” and your FTM family tree will be saved as a GEDCOM file on your desktop. You can just drag the file to the new program’s desktop icon and drop it there when you install the new family tree software on your computer. When you start the new program, you should be able to view your family tree information. After that, all you have to do is learn how to utilize the new program.

Good FTM Alternatives

Now after the announcement, people search for alternates of family tree maker software. But there is no other option of FTM that can link to ancestry and automatically download copies features. In other software, they have to do this manually. There is very little software that includes FTM’s in-program features.

In fact, several message forums where this topic addressed the claim that some programs are superior to FTM in terms of in-program features. Legacy, Reunion, and RootsMagic are some apps you might wish to try. Because they have great ratings and excellent user happiness.

You might wish to sample a few before picking which program to use instead of FTM in the future. It’s critical to find a program that you’ll love using and that accomplishes your goals. Most programs give you a refund if you return it within a specific amount of time, so this is a great chance to try out different alternatives to FTM and choose the one that suits you best. Simply ensure that the software accepts GEDCOM files before beginning your search for your new favorite family tree desktop software.

Reason For Discontinuation Of Family Tree Maker

The main reason is not known yet but after releasing the family tree maker 2017 ancestry announced that now they don’t give support to the family tree maker older version. If people want the same services then they have to purchase family tree maker 2017. But the good news is that after discontinuing family tree maker software, users can see their trees.


In this post, you learned that always keep an alternative for you. Because if you have no alternative like a family tree maker then maybe you lost something important. If there are no alternates of FTM. Then maybe a lot of people lost their genealogy records. Now after reading this post, you learn what to do after the Discontinuation of Family Tree Maker.

If you have any further questions regarding the family tree maker then you can call the family tree maker support phone number. Our toll-free number is +1-800-697-1474.


Question: Will there be a Family Tree Maker 2021?

Answer: No, there is no family tree maker 2021. FTM 2019 is still the latest version and the company recently released its new free update 24.2, you can check it now.

Question: Is there any free family tree maker version?

Answer: No, there is no free version of family tree maker but you can use its trial version for free.

Question: What is the difference between ancestry and family tree maker?

Answer: There is some difference between ancestry and family tree maker which are subscription vs. purchase, software vs. website, and online vs. offline. For getting in detail, please click here.

Question: Is family tree maker 2019 Windows 10 compatible?

Answer: Yes, family tree maker 2019 is Windows 10 compatible.

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