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How to delete a group of people from Family Tree

Have you accidentally inserted some members in your family tree and now want to delete them. In this article, we will discuss how to delete a group of individuals in Family Tree Maker. Apart from this, in this article, we also tell you how to add an individual or how to add multiple people from your family tree. So read the full article so you don’t miss any important thing. Using the charts in Publish Workspace, you can quickly remove a group of individuals in Family Tree Maker.

It is advised to back up your family tree file before you delete a group of individuals. To know how to back up a family tree file on Family Tree Maker, please click here.

The process to delete a group of individual

First, open the Family Tree Maker program on your computer, go to the People workspace, select a person from the index who is a part of the group of individuals you want to delete from your tree. If you cannot find the person in the Index panel, you must expand the panel by clicking the black arrow on the top left.

Select Publish which is at the top and then click on the Collection tab if it is not already active.

You can Select and generate the chart that best displays the group of individuals you want to delete on the tree. There are two types of charts – the Relationship and Pedigree Charts from where you cannot remove groups of individuals.

You should not be worried if the individuals you do not want to delete also appear in the chart. You can use the selection tools to refine your options.

Once the chart generates, you must select specific individuals or groups to delete. You can right-click on an individual’s name in the chart. The menu will appears which lets you choose specific groups like ancestors, descendants, or individuals of the same generation.

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You can also select more than one certain individual instead of a predefined group. To do that, you can press and hold down the Ctrl key or Shift key on your computer keyboard and then click on the individuals in the chart instead.

Once you have selected the group of individuals to be deleted, do the right-click on one of the highlighted boxes, and then select Delete from the File, then click on Selected Persons from the menu that comes up on the screen.

The Delete Selected person window will come up, where you will see the list of selected individuals on the screen.  You must review the list and then click OK to delete these individuals from your family tree file.

You can also click on the Select button, which will allow you to use the filter options to quickly add or remove selected individuals.

Once you click on OK, to confirm the deletion of the individual or the group of individuals, you will get a warning message. Click on Yes. The group of individuals will be removed from your tree file.


So, from this article, you learned how to add an individual or add multiple people from your tree. Apart from this, if you want to delete a group of people that you inserted accidentally so you can also delete them by reading this post.

If you are facing problems like these then you can call the family tree maker support phone number. Our toll-free number is +1-800-697-1474. You can get the best solution from our technician team.

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