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How To Use Artificial Intelligence In Genealogy Research?

artificial intelligence and genealogy research
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Artificial Intelligence And Genealogy

By now, you have already heard about ChatGPT. It is an artificial intelligence that work provides the right result to you. And as we know that genealogy is a very huge topic or field. If you search for anything about your family in the genealogy records then maybe it takes too much time. So keeping this in mind, today we bring the topic “artificial intelligence and genealogy”.

Yes, you can research your family history using this artificial intelligence ChapGPT. In this post, we will show you how artificial intelligence works in Genealogy Research. So if you want to save time in searching for your family then read this post carefully.

Today, ChatGPT is almost everywhere. You can check yourself. When you search anything in Google or Bing and another search engine then you see that when you start to write something, its related subject will automatically show which is a feature of the search engines called auto-completed feature. It is also Artificial Intelligence.

So without wasting any time let’s start today’s topic “Artificial Intelligence and Genealogy”. In this post, we will explain to you how to use Artificial intelligence for Genealogy Research.

Here we tell you how AI is used in genealogy research, please have a look.

Record Search

As we told you genealogy is a field with a huge database and it takes a lot of time if you manually search for someone. But you don’t do this right! Because when you search for anyone in the genealogy record then it shows you the result related to your query automatically.

All this is done with the help of artificial intelligence. AI matches the query in all databases and the linked database and shows you the right and related result to you. It proves that AI is working in Genealogy Research.

Face Recognition Technique

Face recognition technology is a very interesting technique in which if you have any person’s photo. If you want to know who is he/she then face recognition helps you in such a condition. You just need to upload that photo in the Genealogy database and the artificial intelligence does the rest work. It matches that photo in all the genealogy databases and gives you the best result.

It is the same as the face recognition feature that is present in your smartphones or iPhones. Your face is stored in the iPhone database and when you put your face in front of your phone then it matches your face in its database and opens your phone.

DNA Analysis

It is the third way that shows AI also works in DNA matching. Yes, AI also works for DNA matching it identifies the relationship between family members and creates a visual family tree for you.


AI helps you to read and understand the foreign languages in your languages so that you have a clear understanding of what is written about your family in foreign documents. Because maybe your ancestors lived in another place some years ago where the language is different from where now are living.

Predictive Analysis

Artificial intelligence (AI) is so powerful tool that also predicts analysis. It helps the researchers to identify family history and family members’ relationships.


In conclusion, you can say AI is almost present in almost everywhere. The main motive for writing about artificial intelligence and genealogy topic is you should know how AI is booming in our life.

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