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Ancestry Family Tree Maker | Best Genealogy Software For 2022

ancestry family tree maker
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Family Tree Maker was developed by Ancestry, which is normally known as Ancestry family tree maker. It is a powerful and popular genealogy software.

Ancestry Family Tree Maker

If you are searching to connect your cohorts then Ancestry Family Tree Maker is a great way. It is a genealogy software by using these people make their family trees.

Although family tree maker is supported by ancestry before some years. But now it is not supported by Ancestry. Now family tree maker sold by Software Mackiev.

Ancestry made this amazing genealogy software. In the year 2016, Ancestry sold this to Mackiev. Mackiev com is a well-known software development company that makes much software like family tree maker.

We are a family tree maker support an independent company for genealogy software. For any support or information regarding family tree maker software, you can contact family tree maker phone number +1-800-697-1474.

Upload Family Tree Maker File

You can easily upload your family tree maker file to ancestry. For this, you have to choose an FTM file from your PC hard drive and upload that to ancestry.

After this, ancestry checks the file that you upload and create your family tree. If this method is not working on your computer then you can upload your family tree file by using the GEDCOM file.

You can create a GEDCOM file from family tree maker 2019 and upload that to Ancestry.

How Do I Print My Family Tree?

If you want to print your ancestry family tree then don’t worry. In this article, we will tell you how you can print your ancestry family tree.

Steps To Print Ancestry Family Tree

Please follow the given steps to print the ancestry family tree:

  • First visit
  • After that click on tree tab and select the tree from any family tree ancestry page.
  • On the tree left side, select the view of your tree (pedigree/family tree).
  • Now select the part of your tree that you want to print.
  • After that at the top right corner, you will see print option.
  • Click on print option.
  • Click ok.

As per the above-given instructions you can easily print your ancestry family tree. If still, you are facing any problem with print then you can get a family tree maker expert help. You can also contact us.

Sync FTM With Ancestry

You can easily sync your family tree once you’ve linked it between ancestry and FTM. After that, any changes you make to any of your trees will be reflected in your sync family tree.

Getting Started By clicking on upload and link to ancestry, you can upload your ancestors tree to family tree maker. The best benefit of sync your tree is if you have a tree on ancestry but not in the pedigree maker, that it will be synced. You can then easily download your tree and connect it to a family tree maker.

When synchronising your family tree in Family Tree Maker, use the online sharing panel. The synchronisation status of the two trees will display.


This is all about ancestry family tree maker. We hope you found this post useful. If you have any other issues or queries then call our family tree maker support phone number +1-800-697-1474. You can also take family tree maker live chat support. Our live chat is open 24/7. So that anyone can call and get the best family tree maker support.

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FAQ Questions
Is Family Tree Maker still available?

Yes, Family Tree Maker is still available but now it is sold by Support Mackiev.

What is the best Family Tree Maker?

We can’t exact that what is the best Family Tree Maker because every people have their own needs. But in the market, you can get some best family tree maker like family tree maker, ancestry family tree, brother’s keepers and so on.

Is there any free version of Family Tree Maker?

RootsMagic offers you a free version of Family Tree Maker.

Can I delete old version of Family Tree Maker?

Yes, you can delete the old version of Family Tree Maker safely once you install any other or new version of Family Tree Maker.

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