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Checking & Updating Payment Information of Your Ancestry Account

Updating Payment Information

Last updated on February 17th, 2023 at 07:47 am

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For checking and updating payment information of your Ancestry account, you have to follow the given steps:

Updating Payment Information in Ancestry Account

To get updating payment information in your ancestry account, please follow the given steps:

  1. From any page on Ancestry, click your name or username within the top-right corner and choose Your Account.
  2. Within the Payment section, click Update payment information.
  3. On the Payment Information page, click Edit.
  4. Enter your payment information and click on Update information. If you received an email then you simply needed to update your payment information. You would like to restart your membership after updating your payment information.

Receiving An Email About Your Information

When your membership is going to expire before this you get an email to let you know that update your payment information. You will receive an email when you update your membership.

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Canceling a Membership In Ancestry

Resetting a Password

Switching Between PayPal And A MasterCard

If you would like to vary your method of payment from PayPal to a MasterCard or the other way around so set your membership to cancel, then restart it after it’s ended using the new method of payment.

Preventing Automatic Renewal

Unless canceled, memberships renew automatically using the payment method you’ve got on file. To stop being billed automatically, cancel your membership before your renewal date.

Providing A Payment Method To Start Out A Free Trial

To ensure that every person receives just one trial, a payment method is required to start out a free trial. A little pre-authorization charge will appear (and disappear) during your free trial to verify your card information. The trial version is absolutely free. It means that you had to pay nothing for the trial version.

Declined Error Messages

Your payment method might not be successful for the subsequent reasons:
  • If you did not insert your card details correctly then in this case your payment might not be successful. Your card details like your card number and expiration date.
  • Enter any special character like a period. In this case, also your payment did not accept.

In this way, you can check your updating payment information. I hope you like this post. If you need any help, please contact us.

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