Find Missing Media Tool in FTM 2019

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Missing Media Tool in FTM

How to Use the Find Missing Media Tool in FTM for Mac?

This blog is a great help for those users that are seeking some guidance and help on using the ‘Find Missing Media Tool in FTM‘ on Mac.

So if you are one of those users that would like to use the Family Tree Maker tool then you should definitely read this blog thoroughly till the end. And follow the given solutions in a correct manner to be able to get the proper result.

Here you will be guided with the steps as well as relevant images that will help to make it easier for you to understand the steps more clearly. Now without delaying just go right ahead to the steps and start the process.

  • First, give a click on the Media button, it’s on the main toolbar, this will open the Media workspace.

Find Missing Media Tool in FTM

  • Next, you will see a list of the missing media tool in FTM found on the current links in your tree.

  • You now need to select the checkboxes that are next to the items that you are looking for.
  • You can also choose to give a CLICK on the ‘Select All’ tab and this will select all the items in the list.

  • Now you would have to click on ‘Search’ if FTM finds the file. Then its present location will be displayed in ‘Path Column. A checkmark also will appear in the Status column.
  • However if FTM is unable to find the respective file, then the Path column will be list as ‘Unknown’. And the checkmark will also not appear in the Status column.
  • After which you would have to click on the item and then begin to search for it manually.

  • Finally, when you have completed the process give a click on the OK button.

Now the above steps are reliable to help you in finding missing media tool in FTM. But in case you face a problem while doing so, then you can always contact the team of experts at Family Tree Maker Support Number. Our family tree maker support number is +1-877-478-4954. And you will surely be assisted with the appropriate instructions.

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