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Search Online Records With Irish Genealogy

irish genealogy
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Before you search online records with Irish Genealogy, it is imperative to explore more about it. is a genealogy website that allows you to search a large assortment of record sources of the Irish Ancestry. In this post, we tell you all Irish Genealogy news.

It has online historic Indexes of the Civil Records, like Registers of Births, Church Records of Baptism, Marriages, Civil Partnerships, Deaths and Burial. It has a search page to let you search record sources.

The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sports and Media manages the website

It has extensively large searchable records of pre 20th Century. In many instances, these records are pre-date the Civil Registration.

What Is The Civil Registration System Of Ireland?

It is the registration system, began in April of the Year 1845 but was initially limited to non-Catholic church weddings and civil weddings which held in Register Offices. In January of the year 1864, registration became mandatory for all births, marriages, and deaths with the local authorities.

Superintendent Register Districts” oversaw all the registration. Now Local Registration Districts administer it.

Church Records

Before the Civil Registration System, all the records were available with the Church. The baptism and marriage record copies of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kerry to the year 1900 – this diocese holds communities in western and north-western areas of Cork County.

Church records include Roman Catholic baptism, marriage, and burial registers for Dublin City, surviving Church of Ireland baptism, marriage and burial registers for Dublin City are available on the Irish Genealogy website.

You can search these records on the website search page. Click here to access the search page. You can search these records by the name of the person, location, and the date and narrow, sort and view the search results.

It also includes transcripts with images for the 19th-century records of the Church of Ireland, holding marriage, baptism, and burial records in Kerry County.

All existing registers of the Church of Ireland that have baptism, marriage and burial for Carlow County, record images to the year 1900.

All records of Roman Catholic baptism, marriage, and burial for the district of Cork and Ross, which covers the south and west of the county and Cork city.

Cork city records are not currently online. A lesser number of Presbyterian archives relating to a flock in Lucan, Co. Dublin.

Civil Records

In Ireland, Civil Records are the official records of Births, Marriages and Deaths. Registrar General in the General Register Office administer these records. You can find the other related indexes too at the Registrar General Office. To view the Index books, you can visit the General Register Office, at 2 Werburgh St, Dublin.

The central civil source for records relating to births, stillbirths, deaths, marriages, civil partnerships, and adoptions in Ireland is managed by the General Register Office.

The General Register Office runs under the support of the Department of Social Protection. It has responsibility for the administration of the Civil Registration Service in Ireland. The address of the General Register Office is Government Offices, Convent Road, Roscommon.

The Registrar General is liable to manage and control the system of registration in Ireland. However, the Health Service Executive (HSE) oversees the frequent delivery of the Civil Registration Service through a local civil registration office. There is a network of such offices in the state.

You can find addresses and phone numbers of local civil registration service offices on

Online Civil Records

The online Civil Records of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Ireland is available from the year 1864 with non-Roman Catholic Marriages recorded from 1845.

The records of Births, Marriages and Deaths are available from year to year

Births:          1864 to 1920

Marriages:  1845 to 1945

Deaths:       1871 to 1970

In future updates to the records available on the website the records of Deaths dating back to 1864 will be available online since the General Register Office are currently working on it.


This is all about Irish genealogy. If you face any problem then you can call the Irish genealogy support number. You can call the family tree maker support number +1-800-697-1474 if you have any issues regarding FTM software.

Frequently Asked Questions About Irish Genealogy

Q. How to find the Birth/Death/Marriage in the recorded year?

A. Sometimes you can find the Birth/Death/Marriage record in the following year. Particularly when the date of the event was towards the end of the year, so you must check the next year also.

Q. How to find the image of an index entry of a record I am searching for?

A. Currently the images are not available for deaths registered before 1871. There is a small number of cases where the registered page image is unavailable because it was not registered that year or there are quality issues with the original image. You can get the photocopies or official certificates by clicking here.

Q. How to get an official certificate or a copy of a certificate?

A. For full information on getting the official certificate can be found here.

Q. I have a transcription error on the register entry or index information. Can it be changed after reporting it?

A. Of course, Yes. You can report it to the relevant authority to get it changed. There is a provision in Section 63 of the Civil Registration Act, 2004. It is important to have the relevant documented proof. You must give the proof to get the information changed in the record.

Q. I have reported an error. How the error can be corrected on the website?

A.  Those cases which were reported before 10th October 2020 are corrected. The General Register Office continues to work on any feedback given.

Q. When the civil records available online is updated/refreshed?

A. It is updated/refreshed once every calendar year. It includes an added year’s records relating to each event and any changes made to the records since the earlier refresh.

Q. What are the notes on the side of the civil register entries?

A. Margin notes have info that should always be read in conjunction with the entry. These notes normally mean-

  1. an amendment (certified copy) and this amendment will be attached as another image.
  2. a correction on the register page (no added image).
  3. a re-registration which shows where the first-time registration entry can be found.
Q. Do I get a research service from the Irish Genealogy website?

A. Right now, No. But if you plan to appoint a successor to conduct research on your behalf. Then National Library of Ireland keeps a list of researchers – private individuals and organizations – who have shown a willingness to conduct family history and other research on a professional, fee-paying basis.

Q. How can I apply for Citizenship or a Passport based on my Irish Ancestry?

A. The Department of Foreign Affairs manages matters relating to Citizenship by descent and Passport applications. They have a website with loads of guidance available, see here for more information.

Q. What is Family Research 2016?

A. Family History 2016 is a free Irish genealogy website. It is provided to you by the National Archives and Irish Genealogy website. Initially, it was meant for school students but now anyone can use it. If they have Irish ancestors or if they want to learn how to use the array of online sources.

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