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Handwriting Recognition Feature In Family Tree Maker 2019

handwriting recognition
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If you are a genealogist or fond of genealogy and love to search more about your ancestors then this post is for you. In this post, we will tell you a most amazing feature of ancestry called the handwriting recognition feature.

As we know our ancestors also keep their family records but in written form. And now this work is done with the help of software or websites. There are so many genealogy websites and software available in the market like and family tree maker.

But what would happen if you have no software or website and you have to do this manually by your hands? Feeling problem? Because sometimes we did not recognize what our ancestors wrote in the paper. We have many old records of our family or ancestors so this problem could happen to us anytime.

Keeping this in mind, ancestry invented this amazing feature “Handwriting recognition” which allows reading handwriting easily for you.

How Does Handwriting Recognition Feature Work?

The handwriting recognition feature works in four processes. One is the acquisition, the second is segmentation, the third is recognition and the last one is postprocessing. For your better understanding, we tell you this in detail one by one.

First, the handwritten paper is recognized is digitized with the help of a scanner or camera. Then this software changes that document into lines, words, and individual characters. After that, each character is recognized using the OCR techniques. OCR means optical character recognition. Then finally errors are corrected by the spelling checkers or lexicons.


This is how the handwriting recognition feature of ancestry works. It is an amazing feature that helps us a lot. If you have any problem regarding genealogy software then you can directly contact the family tree maker support. Our toll-free support number is +1-800-697-1474.


#Q1. How does automatic handwriting verification work?

Ans: It is an automatic conversion of text as it is written on a special digitizer.  A sensor catches the pen tip movement as well as pen-down switching.

#Q2. How well does OCR work on handwriting?

Ans: Nowadays, OCR result is almost 99% accurate. It scans the document and then gives you the best result.

#Q3. Is there any software that can read handwriting?

Ans: Yes, there is software that can be read in handwriting. You can use Simple OCR to read handwriting.

#Q4. Does OneNote do OCR?

Ans: Yes, OneNote does OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

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