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Review of Geneanet, Geneastar and Geneweb

geneanet review
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Geneanet Review

If you are using genealogy then you must listen about the Geneanet. It is a group of approx 4 million members. Today, in this topic we tell you a review of Genealnet, Geneastar and Geneweb. So read the full article and get the knowledge about Geneanet, Geneastar and Geneweb.

For your easy search at last we give a FAQ section about Geneanet Review. So that if you want your answer quickly and in short term. Then you can get your answer easily.

What is Geneanet?

Geneanet is a French genealogy firm that is also a group of more than four million members. They share their genealogical information without you paying for it. It has more than seven billion individuals in the family trees, inclusive of archival records, family pictures, indexes, available through a blog and a search engine.

It runs on family history researchers sharing their data with it. Most of the website pages and features are available for free but you can receive help from Ad-Free browsing, a more effective search engine and access to added records once you subscribe to the Premium service. You can view the site in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

To access the advanced search engine and hundreds of millions of indexes, you must have a Premium subscription. The Geneanet has a powerful team of experts who are enthusiastic about genealogy and embrace emerging technologies.

With Geneanet, your genealogy is a family affair as its team members have the same ancestors.

What is Geneastar?

Geneastar is around 20 years of age. This updated version of Geneastar is more attractive and tailored to the latest technology and standards. It is a search engine, which brings out your connection with a famous person in the family tree.

The home page of Geneastar consists of a search form, and a link to the famous person and a link to send your relationship with a live or deceased person. You must have Geneanet Family Tree. You can also send the family tree of a famous person with a link.

After getting to know a little bit about Geneanet and Geneastar, let’s find out about Geneweb.

What is Geneweb?

Geneweb is free, open-source genealogy software. GeneWeb displays birth, death, and wedding anniversaries. It also shows statistics, such as oldest living persons, recent weddings or deaths, and age pyramids for a given year. Since GeneWeb 7, you can manage all kinds of personal and family events with dates, witnesses, notes and sources for each event.


We hope after this post, you will get a basic Geneanet review. Apart from this, you get knowledge about Geneastar and Geneweb.

For more knowledge about this please check our site continuously because in the next post we will write an in-depth article on this.

FAQ Question: Geneanet Review

#Q1. What is Geneanet good for?

Ans: Geneanet is good for all genealogy records because it provides all records published by researchers and genealogy society. Data submitters decided that they give their information for free or paid.

#Q2. What does Geneanet cost?

Ans: If you want Geneanet for one year then you have to pay only 45 Euros to 50 Euros. But if you want this with two years subscription then it cost 82 Euros to 90 Euros.

#Q3. Where is Geneanet located?

Ans: Geneanet was launched in 1996 and the headquarters of Geneanet are in Paris, France.

#Q4. How does Geneanet work?

Ans: It works on last name, first name and place. The best thing is you don’t need to pay to view your family tree, unlike other software.

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