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How To Download Ancestry DNA?

download ancestry dna
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How To Download Raw DNA From Ancestry

Are you using Ancestry and want to download Ancestry DNA? If yes then check this article. In this article, you will get a complete guide on how to download Ancestry DNA.

The data collected in the lab from an AncestryDNA test is known as DNA Data (or machine-readable biometric data). It’s used to figure out your ethnicity, link you to your genetic relatives, and predict your qualities. Raw data refers to data that has not been interpreted.

DNA data is available in.txt (text file) format. Ancestry does not accept DNA data from other websites.

How To Download DNA From Ancestry

For download DNA from ancestry, please follow the given steps:

  • Select your DNA result, click on the DNA tab from any page on Ancestry.
  • Then click on Settings in the top right corner from your DNA homepage.
  • On your ancestry setting page, scroll your page and click download next to download DNA data.
  • Click confirm after entering the password.
  • After this, you will get a confirmation email that containing a link.
  • Click on the link. Your file will be start download.
  • Before click on the download link note, one thing is that this download link will work only once.
  • If your link has expired then start over from step 1.
  • Your link working properly then your file will be downloaded. The file name will be dna-data-(date).zip.
  • If you can’t find your download file then please check your download folder.
  • You can also click on Window key (window key) on your keyboard and write the file name. If you have a MAC then click on the Spotlight icon (Spotlight icon) in the right corner of your screen. Enter the file name in the search field. To open the file please double click on the file name.

This is how you can download ancestry DNA. By following these steps, you can easily download ancestry DNA.

Get Support

Still, if you have any issues then you can call the ancestry support number +1-800-697-1474. You can also use live chat support for getting help. Apart from this, here we have an FAQ Question section so that you can get your problem solution easily. If you have any other issues then you can call us any time. We have 24/7 customer support so that our customers can get support anytime.

FAQ Questions

#Q1. How to download my AncestryDNA?

Ans: For downloading AncestryDNA, Click on the DNA tab from any page of your ancestry and then click on the DNA result summary. On your DNA setting page click download AncestryDNA.

#Q2. Does AncestryDNA have an app?

Ans: Yes, when you download an ancestry app then you can use an ancestry app.

#Q3. How do I save an ancestry tree as a PDF?

Ans: For saving an ancestry tree as a PDF, go to and click on the tree that you want to save. Click on the tree setting then export the tree and find manage your tree. Click to download your GEDCOM file. After that, you can save your tree as a PDF.

#Q4. Do AncestryDNA and 23andMe share data?

Ans: Both AncestryDNA and 23andMe allow you to download your raw data.

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