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DNA Kit Replacing In 2023


Last updated on February 20th, 2023 at 05:51 am

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I think everyone knows very well what is DNA. Our whole body structure is based on our DNA. Means how we look or how we think all depends on our DNA. A DNA test helps you to find out more information about yourself. For example, if you want to know about your ancestors or want to know from where you are coming then all this information you can get with a DNA test. For this, you can use a DNA kit.

When To Request A Free Replacement Ancestry DNA Kit Or AncestryHealth Kit

You can get the free replacement for DNA Kit only under these circumstances:

  • When a kit arrives damaged.
  • If your kit does not arrive in the 15 working days following the date of order (or within 5 business days, for expedited shipping).
  • If we don’t receive your sample within 20 business days (you’ll get an email once we receive your sample).
  • You can get a free Ancestry DNA replacement if the activation code is lost.
  • When a sample is decided to be unusable during processing (you’ll get an email from us).

If you want to replace your DNA Kit, please give us a call and allow us know that you simply need a replacement kit. After that within 10 working days, you will get the Replacement kits (3 days for expedited shipping). When a replacement kit is shipped, the first DNA kit it replaces is no longer ready to be used.

Replacing A Kit You Activated

We’ll send you a free replacement kit if the laboratory is unable to process your sample. When this happens, you’ll get to activate your new kit.

If you notice that your sample couldn’t be processed, follow the directions within the email to request a free replacement kit. Resubmit your DNA sample and click Confirm your free kit from your email.

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Click Request a Free Replacement Kit while signed in to your Ancestry account, from your DNA homepage. If you see a billboard on your DNA homepage rather than a choice to request a replacement kit. Check into your Ancestry account and return to your DNA homepage.

Double-check that your shipping address is correct, then click Send DNA Kit to the present Address. You’ll receive an email confirming that you’ve ordered a replacement DNA kit. In ten working days, your replacement kit should arrive (or 3 days, for kits originally ordered with expedited shipping).

Your results shall be ready within 8 weeks of the date on which you received your sample after you return your sample.

Replacing A Kit That Hasn’t Been Activated

Please call us for a free replacement kit if you haven’t received the kit in the mail, or if you have been damaged, otherwise, you have lost your activation code. Within 10 working days, you will receive your substitute kit.

Your results shall be ready within 8 weeks of the date on which you received your sample after you return your sample.

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Tips For Collecting A Successful Saliva Sample

  • Don’t eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum for a half-hour before providing your sample.
  • Rub your cheeks outside and press them against your teeth to produce more saliva.
  • If after doing the above, you continue to find it difficult to supply saliva, place ¼ teaspoon of white table sugar on your tongue.
  • If enough saliva cannot be produced in one attempt, cool your tube between attempts in a straight position. You’ll refrigerate your sample for up to every week before wanting to add the blue solution to the saliva tube thereto.
  • Leave them in when you wear dentures and present them with your saliva.
  • Do not overfill the sample.
  • Make sure the liquid (not bubbles) fills the tube to the road. If bubbles are present, they ought to begin at the road and extend above it.


The blue solution doesn’t drain into the rock bottom of the tube. When you shut the tube and thus do not release the blue solution in the rock bottom, loosen the cap carefully and tightly twist it on once more. Do that until the blue solution drains into the rock bottom of the tube.

DNA Homepage Doesn’t Give Or Offer A Free Replacement Kit

If you received an email saying that we were unable to process your sample and you don’t see a replacement option on your DNA homepage, you’re likely either not signed in, or you’re signed in to the incorrect account. Search for your name within the top-right corner of Ancestry to verify that you’re within the right account. If it’s not there, click check-in within the top-right corner to check in (or, if you’re in someone else’s account, click their name and choose Sign Out before signing back into your own account). If you would like a replacement kit thanks to loss or damage, give us a call and allow us to know (1) whether you simply need a free replacement DNA kit and (2) whether Your kit was already activated or not.

The Button Doesn’t Work

You can check a DNA replacement kit button on your DNA homepage and try to clear your cache and cookies, but the button does not work.

Sent Within The Sample But Forgot To Activate The Kit

If you sent in your DNA sample without activating the kit, you’ll still activate it. No matter how way back you sent within the kit. If you’ve got the activation code, which is printed on the tube and on the rear of the instruction card included in your kit. If you did not have the activation code, you will need a free replacement kit.

Kit Time Frames And Weather Issues

The weather during shipping shouldn’t affect your DNA sample, but if we’re unable to process your sample, we’ll replace the kit.

DNA kits are often used for a minimum of a year after the date of purchase and sometimes for extended. If you’ve had a DNA kit for quite a year, you’ll still activate the kit and send your sample.

Need Support

Although, now you can learn when and how to replace a DNA Kit in this article. But if you face any problems or issues with doing this then you can take the help of Family Tree Maker Support. We have a team of the best technicians who are very professional and do all jobs very well. They can resolve your issues in just a single call so if you face any issues then feel free to contact family tree maker support.

FAQ Questions: DNA Kit

#Q1. Which DNA Kit is best?

Ans: The best DNA kits are AncestryDNA for origins and ethnicity test and 23andMe for health data. The best budget DNA test is MyHeritage DNA Test.

#Q2. Is 23 and Me is better than Ancestry?

Ans: Both are the best company but if you want a DNA test kit for origin and ethnicity test then choose ancestry DNA test. For the health DNA test choose 23 and Me.

#Q3. What does a DNA Kit tell you?

Ans: A DNA kit tells a lot of things about our body like diseases and origin.

#Q4. What does DNA stand for?

Ans: DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid.

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