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What Is Descendant Chart In FTM 2017 And 2019?

Descendant chart in FTM
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What Is Descendant Chart In FTM And How To Build It?

A descendant chart in Family Tree Maker (FTM) software is a graphical representation of a person’s descendants over multiple generations. You can easily make a descendant chart in FTM 2017 and FTM 2019.

Here are some key things to know about the descendant chart in FTM. Please have a look.

  • A descendant chart starts with a single person (called the proband) and maps out all of their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc in a tree-like format going down the generations.
  • To create a descendant chart in FTM, you first need to have a family tree file set up with the person you want to be the proband of the chart. Click on that person and go to Charts > Create > Descendants.
  • In the Descendant Chart dialog box, you can specify how many generations down you want the chart to go and what information to include about each person (name, birth/death years, etc).
  • The descendant chart will fan out from the proband in the center to their children outwards, then their grandchildren below that, and so on for the number of generations specified.
  • As you add more individuals to your family tree file over time, the descendant chart will automatically update to include any newly added descendants for that proband’s branch of the tree.
  • You can save, print, or share your descendant charts. They are helpful for seeing patterns, links, and stories through different lineages in your family history.

The descendant chart is a handy way of mapping all the generations of descendants from a selected person downwards through time in FTM.  You can customize the output by changing the settings.

The tools are as such; inserting pictures, increasing the font size, charts to vertical view, and many more. Therefore, you will have no difficulty in creating and generating your Family Tree files descendant report. All you are supposed to do is go through this blog accordingly for the correct results.

Steps For Prepare Your Descendant Chart In Family Tree Maker

descendant chart in a new family tree

Follow These Steps Mentioned Below To Prepare Your Descendant Chart In A New Family Tree Maker.

  • First of all, you need to open your Family Tree Maker 2017.
  • Next, you need to load the tree for which the descendant report has to be generated.
  • You then will have to click on the ‘Publish’ option from the upper side of the tab.
  • Now on the left side, you will see the option where you can choose what report you want.
  • After that, you need to select ‘Chart’ from the given option.
  • Then you will have to select the ‘Descendant Chart tab.
  • After you have selected the ‘chart’ option, you can start to customize your respective chart view settings.
  • Thus you should be able to generate the descendant chart.

Family Tree Maker Support

You should by now be done with the procedure above as the steps given above should help you get through successfully. But if in case you need help or face any problem while following the steps then you must immediately get in touch with the technical team only at the Family Tree Maker Customer Support Number.

Thereafter the technicians will be ready at your service to help resolve all the concerns issues and queries effectively. For getting instant help or support please call us at +1-800-697-1474. Now you can also use Family Tree Maker Live Chat.

FAQ Questions On Descendant Chart In A New Family Tree

#Q1. What is a descendant chart?

Ans: A descendant chart is a chart with you and your ancestors. All descendant comes down through the generations.

#Q2. What is a descendant tree?

Ans: A hierarchical structure of a tree that represents the relation between your ancestor and you is known as a descendant tree.

#Q3. How does a family tree represent different generations?

Ans: A family tree represents different generations in a hierarchical form. You’re first-generation like your great grandfather and grandmother shown at the top of the tree and then one by one your all family members come according to their coming time.

#Q4. How do you write a family tree chart?

Ans: If you want to make a family tree chart then first you have to gather the information, draft an outline of your family tree after that insert the information that you have. Once your family tree is created then share your tree with your family members and your relatives.

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