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What Are Multiple/Duplicate Birth, Marriage, and Death Facts In FTM?

death facts in ftm

Last updated on April 4th, 2023 at 11:56 am

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What are Multiple/Duplicate Birth, Marriage, And Death Facts In FTM?

If you are having a hard time with the Multiple/Duplicate Birth, Marriage & Death Facts in FTM. Then here you will find all the solutions that you are looking for. In this article, we will tell you what are multiple/duplicate births, marriage, and death facts in FTM.

Problems Encountered Death Facts In FTM

  • The B/M/D Facts have two dates and you are unable to figure out which is the correct one.
  • Issues with a birth date that kept two Birth Fact entries, FTM kept flagging the two Birth entries as an error.
  •  So you kept the original Birth fact and just added a second ‘Birth – ALT’ fact to hold the alternate fact.
  • Now can the same be done by creating ‘Death – ALT’ & “Marriage – ALT” facts?

If you have questions, we have answers. Find them below. Just read this guide to know the information.

Now Have A Look At The Image Below With Some Details Of Birth Facts

Death facts in FTM

  • The image above has six Birth Facts and three Death Facts. Then you will see that the 3rd item that is down is the Birth Fact which has 24 Citations. After seeing this you may think that must be the one.

It is the same with the Death Fact in FTM, which is the third from the bottom list, on the right side, it has 24 Citations. But while evaluating the Citations the determination has been made which of the Birth and Death Facts are preferred.

In Most Cases, The Preferred Fact Will Be The Most Complete Set Of Information

  • If your question is that ‘You did not know what error messages Family Tree Maker would come up with. Then if the error is about the Data Error Report, you should try and select the preferred one only.
  • They are not duplicate facts, it is ALT Facts. So for the Facts to be duplicated all the other facts are required to be just the same. You will see the Alt Facts above; where a couple of Citations will only give the year (The BMD Facts always use the Abt. YYYY).
  • However there are a couple of Facts that have the full date mentioned, but it does not have the Place Name.

Tip: If you like you can also choose to record what you see on the Record and cite the sources. So when the time comes to evaluate your Data, to be able to make the Preferred Fact determination, you will be able to do that faster.


Now we hope that the above information “death facts in FTM” is of great help to you. But if not so then you can always contact the experts at Family Tree Maker Number without any hesitation. Our tech team will guide you further. The services here are available 24×7 so you can get your assistance at any time. Use live chat support for free.

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