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Use Ancestry With No Subscription

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Ancestry Free Trial

When we think to search genealogy records then there are so many websites available, but the user needs to subscribe to use their services. How it would be if you do your genealogy search free? It can happen with ancestry. Here we tell you simple steps to use ancestry free with no subscription.

So read the full article and get the important information about using ancestry without any subscription. You can also bookmark this page if you are busy now.

Step By Step Process to Use Ancestry Free

As we know how ancestry is famous in the genealogy world. It has the largest genealogy records. You can easily find out your ancestor’s history with ancestry. But the main thing is it needs a subscription but here we tell you how to search your genealogy records with ancestry without any subscription.

Follow the given steps to use ancestry without paying money.

  • First, go to
  • As you open the given page will be open. 

ancestry com

  • Click on the free trial to use ancestry free.
  • The given window will be open. 

ancestry free trial

  • Click on the start free trial button.
  • After that, a login form will be open. Fill all the information given in the form like your name, email, and password, and click on the create account.

ancestry login form

  • This account will be free for 14-days.
  • Within these 14-days you can easily find out your ancestor’s history.

Note: Please cancel ancestry membership before your trial version is expired. Otherwise, it asks for money and it is auto-renewal.


This is how you can use ancestry free and does your genealogy search easily. If you need any support then you can feel free to call the family tree maker support any time. Just dial +1-800-697-1474 for getting instant help.


#Q1: Is there a free version of ancestry?

Ans: Yes, you can use ancestry for free as registered guest accounts. Registered Guest Accounts are free to use and there is no need to cancel the membership for a guest account.

#Q2: Are there any completely free ancestry websites?

Ans: Yes, FamilySearch is completely free and it is also one of the largest free genealogy websites.

#Q3: How do I look up my ancestors for free?

Ans: Here we give a list of free genealogy websites by using these websites you can easily look up your ancestors for free.
1. Access Genealogy
2. FamilySearch
3. HeritageQuest Online
4. RootsWeb
5. USGenWeb

#Q4: Can you cancel ancestry after a free trial?

Ans: Yes, you can cancel your ancestry membership anytime but you have to process their online process and give the reason why you cancel ancestry membership.

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