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Where To Buy Family Tree Maker Software

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Learn to buy Family Tree Maker Softwae - Family Tree Maker Help

where to buy ftm

The best place to purchase the most famous and popular genealogy software- Family Tree Maker.

Welcome to our page, where to buy family tree maker software. Here you can easily find your country and get the best place to purchase the family tree maker. So Please choose your place and find from where you can purchase your favorite genealogy software- Family Tree Maker.

Choose your location to purchase the Family Tree Maker software


If you are living in North America then please choose your place.

  1. USA: For purchasing the FTM from the USA, please click Software Mackeiv online store.

  2. Puerto Rico: If you are from Puerto Rico, then you can purchase the family tree maker from Software Mackeiv Online Education Store.

  3. Canda: In Canada, you can purchase the family tree maker from Software Mackeiv Online Store.

  4. Mexico: If you are from Mexico then for purchasing FTM please click here.

If you need any help then please contact the family tree maker support number. We provide you instant help regarding your problem.



Costa Rica: For Purchasing FTM In Costa Rica, please click Software Mackeiv Online Education Store.


In Europe, choose your place or location to purchase the family tree maker.

1.        Austria: In Austria, you can purchase FTM from Software Mackiev Online Education Store.

2.        Belgium: Click here to purchase the FTM.

3.        Denmark: To download click here.

4.        Finland: Purchase your FTM.

5.        France: Want to purchase FTM in France, click here.

6.        Germany: Purchase ftm.

7.        Ireland: Purchase Family Tree Maker.

8.        Italy: Click here.

9.        Netherland: Purchasing link.

10.    UK: Location in the United Kingdom.

11.    Norway: Buy FTM.

12.    Spain: In Spain, you can purchase the family tree maker software from Software Mackiev Online Store.

13.    Sweden: Purchase the FTM from here.

14.    Switzerland: If you are in Switzerland, then click here to buy a family tree maker.



Check the below location and get the purchasing link for the FTM.

1.        Australia: Buy ftm.

2.        China: Purchasing link for the family tree maker software.

3.        Hong Kong: Purchase Now.

4.        Japan: Link.

5.        Korea: Purchase from here.

6.        New Zeland: Purhcasing link.

7.        Singapore: Purchase the best genealogy software.

8.        Taiwan: Link For purchasing FTM.


1.        Kuwait

2.        Oman

3.        Qatar

4.        Saudi Arabia

5.        Bahrain

6.        United Arab Emirates 

buy ftm

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You can also chat with our live technicians who are always ready to help you. They provide you the best solution in just a single call or chat section.

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