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Legacy FamilySearch Problem Solving?

Legacy FamilySearch

Last updated on April 11th, 2022 at 10:50 am

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Problem Solving Of Legacy FamilySearch

Whenever you see a red exclamation sign (!on your family tree. Then it may be surprising to you but don’t worry about it. It only shows that your ancestry data is not connected correctly. If you saw this exclamation sign on your family tree then don’t worry. It is a Legacy FamilySearch problem that our technician fix within a few minutes.

In this article, we will tell you about this problem and its solution. Read the full article because in this article we will tell you are reasons and how to fix it yourself.

Reasons For Data Problem In Legacy FamilySearch

There are mainly four reasons for data problems in Legacy FamilySearch which are given below:

  1. Wrong format of data and location.
  2. The wrong date tells the wrong living information about the ancestors.
  3. Insertion of the wrong event like marriage tells the wrong information. Sometimes it shows the marriage before the birth cause of wrong event insertion.
  4. Wrong entry, it tells the wrong relationship between the family.

Check Before You Change Anything

Once you detect the issues or problems please check the changes before you apply them.

  • Many data problems occur of insertion of wrong entry or the data is not inserted according to the FamilySearch formated.
  • To fix the data problem please check the source.
  • Sometimes errors occur because the other user is working on the same tree or line in which you are working. So please contact the other person who is working on the same tree and work together.

How To Fix Legacy FamilySearch Problem?

  • Go to the ancestor’s profile page as soon as you found the problem.
  • Select the details tab and scroll down to the main problem.
  • Click on the Edit button given near the data problem icon. As you click on the edit button a pop-up box appears and describes the problem and needs permission to apply the changes. If there is a standardization error, be sure to correct the date, event, or place. And if there is no standardization problem then please do this correctly by typing the information that you have like the correct date and event.
  • Click Save and refresh the page when you did it.


Data problem icons are too good. It tells you that your records are correct. If you find any problem with your Legacy FamilySearch then please find it and fix it. You can get instant help also if face any problem to fix it. Call the FTM support number and get instant support.

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