Learn to upload Family Tree files to Family Tree Maker?

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upload family tree files

Learn to upload Family Tree files generated in another genealogy program to Family Tree Maker? Procedure for uploading a family file. Which is generated in another genealogy program to the Family Tree maker is not at all a difficult task. However, you must have proper guidance. So concerning your situation. We have created this blog. with these appropriate solutions, you should definitely be able to upload your family Tree.

To upload Family Tree files, you need to follow the given steps below

  • First of you would have to open the Family Tree Builder program.
  • Next, you need to click on the ‘File’ menu that is in the upper right menu bar and then go to choose the ‘Import GEDCOM’ option.


  • You now have to click on the ‘Scan’ tab. to be able to scan your device for any type of genealogical file.

Learn to upload Family Tree files

  • After that, you will have to choose the file that you want to import. then click on the ‘Import’ option, you will find it right next to the file name.


  • And then you need to note that Family Tree Maker files can be loaded into the Family Tree Builder.  Right up to the Family Tree Maker 2010 version. Therefore if you are using the later version of Family Tree Maker such as the 2014 version. Then you would have to export your tree first as a GEDCOM file and after that import it.

You should now be all set and ready to upload family tree files. As the solutions provided above are relevant to help you do so. But in case you encounter any sort of difficulty while following the steps given. Then you should immediately get in touch with the qualified technicians at family Tree Maker Support. Techs are capable and efficient to resolve any related issues giving the best-resolved results. So without now waiting anymore and delaying the situation, you just got to reach the team instantly for effective solutions.

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