How to Make a Family Tree Chart?

In this blog, you will learn how to make a family tree chart. If you are genealogist and you do not know how to create your family chart then read this blog and you will learn. learning from this website is free so lets get started.

A family tree is a chart which represent the relationship between the family in a conventional tree structure.

The American Broadcasting Company in 1977 had taken risk with a 12 hour miniseries. Which was based on the Alex Haley’s best-selling novel, Root’s. ABC planned that it would interest for the general American audience. 

Moreover ABC scheduled the series to broadcaster over eight consecutive nights. The risk taken by ABC was paid off as half of the Americans alive in 1977 watched the series .

The Roots miniseries was relating to the ideas or a fact that influenced millions of viewer to research their own ancestor or roots.

Family Tree

A family tree is a visual representation of a person’s relationships to his ancestors. If your are interested in creating your own family tree it is good place to start .Its similar to an graphic representation chart showing the relationship within it .

Why create a family tree?

If your interest in your ancestor. If you would like to gain some knowledge or if you want to know who you are and where you come from .you should go ahead and create a genealogy chart.

The reasons to create your own family trees:-

  1. Connection to your heritage
  2. Help you to trace genetics
  3.  Helps you to learn your  family history and relation to any events in history

How to draw a family tree?

The tree can be a simple one or a complicated one as you want it to be.

A genealogy chart which is simple may include your parent, grandparent and your great-grandparent. So it will not get complicated. A family tree which is complicate may include your parent, your cousin, sibling, uncle, and aunt. Moreover it really depends on you, what kind of family tree chart you want to create.

 Getting start to create family tree chart

Just for your knowledge, before you start to draw your tree. You may have to prepare a plan. 

For example:-

  1. How far are you willing to go back?
  2. Somebody in the family who has the information already to give you start.
  3. The type of information you will have to enter. for example births ,marriages and   deaths.                                                                                                                                                                              
  4. If you want to add pictures of your ancestors. Where you can find pictures of the ancestors?

 You will also have to decide that in which direction you are going to draw the tree. When naturally a tree grow, it grow from the ground to the sky. But on the computer family tree can be develop from bottom to up ,top to down or horizontal.

  1. Gather information about your family 

Whatever you know write it down and ask your family members about the gaps in your tree, find the pictures and documents. You can visit online genealogy sources to search for records and other documents that can help you in verify your ancestry.

  2. Draft a family tree outline

 Create an outline by compiling all the information that you have. Start with the oldest ancestor you know about and discover it forward up to you. Create a family tree online using lucid chart.

  3. Add information to each leaf

Information for each family member will be representing by a shape connect by lines to represent relationship. Generally there is a box which is used to represent your relative; each shape is a leaf on the tree.

Information like place picture, important event date can be include in the leaf. As you put the information together we would recommend a few additional guidelines:

  • Make it simple 

If you want your family tree to be useful to your other family member and you, keep it simple.

  • Don’t air your family’s dirty laundry

   By dirty laundry it means that to talk about private issue amongst other that are not involved.

  4. Distribute your family tree diagram

 When you have finished your family tree diagram share it with your other family member so that they can learn new family stories. You can also let them add or provide you some additional information about the family. Call our family tree maker support number to get help.

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