Family Tree Maker 2019

Family Tree Maker 2019

Family Tree Maker 2019 is a genealogy computer software that can be download and installed on your PC.

An application earlier support by, now is sold and support by Software

FTM 2019 found by Kenneth Lafferty Hess in 1989 and currently is in it’s 24th version call the FTM 2019. It is available for both Mac and Windows.

FTM 2019 Support

Family Tree Maker has been the world’s leading genealogy software since the past 30+ years. Making it convenient to find out your family history, trace your legacy and record your heritage.

This smart program lets its users easily make your family tree with features like
simple navigation, tree-building tools, and integrated Web searching. It also has advanced
features like data management options, and a wide range of charts and reports.

The final result is a beautiful record of your family legacy that your family will cherish forever.
You can record and change events in your family history, sync it on your phones, PCs and
tablets and view it anywhere anytime.

 TreeVault Cloud Service

The FTM2019 has many new features like Hints which allow users to access over 6 million online records of family history for free.

It’s Smart Profile Picture feature automatically identifies faces from pictures and crops them in the perfect resolution square shapes.

The Changes Log feature makes it a second’s job to fix any mistakes you made say, three days ago even if your last
backup was three weeks old! The party’s not over yet.

The FTM 2019 version comes loaded with so many pragmatic features.¬† The Rich Color Coding feature allows users to color code not only the home person’s ancestors but also the descendants of ancestors in a single click.

The Photo Darkroom features lets users tweak up ancient pictures to as good as new. The wide range of charts and reports enables users to select whatever information they want to view in their family charts – there’s options to display siblings, spouses to even anniversaries and birthdays to contact lists.

The list of features goes on and so you can even put your family ancestors on the map to trace your family’s migration history.

You can even import images from your phones/devices and store them in Family Tree Maker 2019 so you have them all organized in one place.

Over whelmed with so many features?

Not to worry because the program comes with a Companion Guide. The online pdf can be download for free and the paper back can be bought at

which gives you a step by step procedure to use the application easily.

The FTM2019 requires a minimum of 2GB RAM (4GB recommended) on a OS X 10.10 or later for Mac users and Windows 7 or later for Windows users. The application bought from

We Provide Family Tree Maker 2019 Support. If You are facing any problem you can call us our number +1-888-471-8628.

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