Best Reading List To Stay At Home With?

Family Tree Maker Software Helpline number +1-888-471-8628
Family Tree Maker Software Helpline number +1-888-471-8628

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We completely understand that practicing social distancing is not a regular thing for any of us, and that’s why it’s not that easy. But in order to maintain the same and do our part in slowing down the pandemic, a list of god related books are mentioned in this blog which will help you utilize your time and you can enjoy a list of DNA focused reading books. However, if you have a kindle app then this will make it even easier for you to enjoy reading all these books.

So hoping you get to read through all of them.

  • The Lost Family: is all about DNA and genealogy by Libby Copeland; which actually tells about DNA Testing and how it is upending who we are and helps in solving family mysteries. This includes the modern history of genetic genealogy with stories of people that are discovering DNA surprises.
  • A Brief History of Everyone who ever lived: this book is very dense, enjoyable, DNA junkie and comprehensive by Adam Rutherford.
  • She Has Her Mothers Laugh: it is all about the Powers, Perversions, and Potentials of Heredity. Well, this book explores the vagaries of genetic inheritance which is straight from the eyes of someone who becomes a parent.
  • Genome: This is about the Autobiography of A species in 23 Chapters: this is an old book but very good from 1999 by Matt Ridley. This helps to reignite the readers’ interest in genetic, and there are many other interesting books Mr. Ridley has written on the same topic. This very book was written when the human genome was being sequenced.

The entire list mentioned above is suggested for DNA reading.

  • The Great Influenza: This is another reader which has reading related to pandemics. The current situation that we are in now has left many of us with a lot of questions and various thoughts running through our minds. So then if you too, do not know how to respond to a pandemic situation then you will definitely enjoy reading this book. It begins with a really good history of modern medicine and then continues with the failures of different leaders that let the 1918 Spanish Flu spread dramatically.

Family Tree Maker Software Helpline number +1-888-471-8628

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