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Family Tree Maker – Free Genealogy Program

Family Tree Maker (FTM) is a powerful free genealogy program with Tree Syncing. Used by a million peoples worldwide. FTM helps you to research your family history and build your family tree with photos and records. In this post, we will tell you how why FTM is so popular, famous and what you get in this software?

What do you get in Family Tree Maker?

Although Family Tree Maker is a well-known genealogy software. Some points are given below that show what do you get in Family Tree Maker.

Powerful family tree software

If you use or purchase FTM software then you get powerful family tree software. With the family tree builder, you can make a powerful family tree with thousands of records. It is supported in over 40 languages.

Smart matched technology

In FTM, you get the smart matched technology. With this smart matched technology you can match your tree with thousands of trees and discover many new relatives automatically.

Beautiful charts

With a family tree builder, you can create and customize a lot of beautiful charts. There are so many beautiful charts in FTM. By using these charts you can show your family records.

Records matching technology

Family tree maker searches thousands of records of your ancestors and matches them with your tree data automatically. You do not need to do anything, FTM does this automatically for yourself.

Private family site

Share your family history and data with the family tree maker secure site. Family tree maker site keeps your family history very secure.

Detailed privacy setting

You can control your privacy setting online and offline with pedigree maker software.

Fun to use

Making a family tree with FTM software is a very fun task. Sometimes when you building your family tree you get some uncovered details of your ancestors which make it funny moments.


Enhance your tree and discover the place where your ancestors come from on the map.

Sync with mobile

With FTM sync your tree with your mobile and connect with your family members whenever you want.

Updated Version Of The Family Tree Maker

The latest version of the family tree maker is Family Tree Maker 2019. FTM 2019 has some new features that make it more popular. If you want to know from where you can buy the family tree maker then please click here. Apart from this, you can easily buy this from the Mackiev or any registered stores.

How To Install Family Tree Maker

If you face any problem to install ftm then you can also check FTM Companion Guide to install this software. Companion Guide is just like a dictionary for FTM.  By using a companion guide you can easily install a family tree maker on your PC, Laptop, or iPhone.

Minimum Requirement For FTM

If you want to use this genealogy software on your Window and Mac then you have the given minimum requirements:

For Window, you just need to have at least window 7 or the higher version with 900 MB hard disk and a minimum of 2GB RAM. If we talk about the resolution then it must be 1024X768.

For MAC, you just need to have OS X 10.10 or later with a 900 MB hard disk and a minimum of 2 GB RAM. If we talk about the resolution then it must be 1280X1280.


I think these all features make family tree makers so popular and famous. That’s why people use it so much. Some of the features you can get in free pedigree maker. For all the features, you have to purchase FTM software. I hope you enjoyed this article. Please share this. For reading more blogs or articles, please click family tree maker blogs.

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