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This blog will help you learn how to  upload a tree to ancestry from Family Tree Maker for MAC? Then you would be glad to know that you are on this site. Here you will definitely get the exact solutions to get the procedure done within a few minutes. Below are mentioned the steps for you to follow accordingly, so you only need to go through this blog until the end.

Steps To Upload Your Tree From Family Tree Maker For Mac To Ancestry:

  • You need to first go and open the tree that you would like to upload to Ancestry. To do so, click on the sync icon that is in the upper-right corner of the application window. Now choose the ‘Upload to Ancestry’ option from the given pop-up menu.

family tree maker mac

  • On the current screen, you will have the ‘Upload and Link FTM and Ancestry Tree’ dialog appearing. Now you can set the options according to your choice.
  • If you like you can leave the existing tree name or you can also enter a new name in the ‘Ancestry Tree Name’ field.
  • The way your tree should be synced it will be determined by the ‘Sync changes in trees’ option. In FTM 2017 it is recommended that you sync the tree manually. So if you would like to sync the tree automatically then you need to select the ‘Automatically’ button.
  • To know whether your online tree is public or not you need to use the ‘Upload this tree’ as the option. However the checkbox is selected by default, so this means that your tree will be a public tree. If you would like to change your tree to private then you need to uncheck the box.
  • Then if you have selected the checkbox above the ‘Exclude this tree from Ancestry search index’ option then this will become available. You can choose to select this option if you do not want your tree appearing in the search results on Ancestry or the third-party search engines available.

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  • You then need to click on ‘Upload’ after you have finished setting the options. Now the uploading will start for which you will see a progress bar in the upper-right corner of the page that will show the status of the upload.

Family Tree Maker Mac

  • After that, you will get a message saying that the file has been uploaded and linked successfully. If you would like to go to the Ancestry to view the tree immediately, then you would have to select the ‘View online tree’ checkbox by clicking on OK.

Family Tree Maker Mac

Now you can use the sync icon to be able to sync your tree or to change the sync options.

We hope that his blog is a great help to you as the solutions are relevant and effective. However, if you face any problem while going through the process then you need to call the expert team of technicians at Family Tree Maker For MAC. And the techs will take care of the respective concerns instantly.

Need Help

If you need any type of help then you can freely call the family tree maker support number. After that you will get the best solution from our technician team.

Now use family tree maker live chat option for getting help. You can chat with our tech team anytime. We have 24/7 customer support.

FAQ Questions

#Q1. Does Family Tree Maker work on a Mac?

Ans: Yes, Family Tree Maker works on a Mac. You can get a Mac and use family tree maker software on it. The cost of the family tree maker is $69.99.

#Q2. Is Family Tree Maker still available?

Ans: Yes, you can purchase the family tree maker software at any time. Now it is sold by software Mackiev.

#Q3. How do I install a family tree maker on my Mac?

Ans: For installing the family tree maker on your Mac, please follow the given steps:
1. Insert the CD.
2. Click on the .exe file that is given in the CD.
3. The installer will begin to install the family tree maker software.

#Q4. What is the latest version of family tree maker for Mac?

Ans: Family Tree Maker 2019 is the latest version of family tree maker for Mac. Some people use family tree maker 2017 also.

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