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Make Your Family Tree Easily With Family Tree Maker Chart

family tree maker chart

Last updated on April 4th, 2023 at 04:34 am

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Hello users, do you want to make a pedigree chart of your family? If yes, then you can do this with a family tree maker chart easily. A Family Tree chart builder visualizes your family history in the form of a chart that you can print further. In this post, we will tell you how can you make a pedigree with the help of a family tree maker chart.

What Is A Family Free Maker Chart?

It is a new graphical representation for displaying a person’s direct line ancestors or family members. More than 6 million people already use the family tree maker chart for making a family tree. With this, you can easily draw complex family trees within a minutes without any extra effort.

So, if you want to make your own family tree quickly and easily then read this post completely. In the further paragraph, we will tell you how to make a family tree using a family tree maker chart. Apart from this, we will also tell you the features of the tree chart maker.

Features Of Family Tree Maker Chart

The family tree maker chart has some unique features that make it popular. You can also check its features given below:

Easy To Use

In the family tree maker chart, you will get multiple family tree templates that help in making a family tree. With this, you can make your family pedigree quickly and build a beautiful presentation. Professional diagramming tools and controls make it more easy and simple. You can easily make your family tree by using drag-and-drop tools. Apart from this, you will get an automatic drawing and color theme with an FTM chart.

Connect And Manage

You can easily import your images, vectors, and more into the canvas to create more informative trees. In the Family Tree Maker, you will assign multiple access and role level for sharing, reviewing, and editing family trees.


You can build your family tree collaboratively with a Family Tree chart builder. You can manage your family tree with collaboration at any time. If you need any help then you can directly comment with context on the same canvas. You can share your family tree with any site via email or link. The most amazing thing in the family tree maker chart is you can also do video conferencing that feel like you are in the same room. You can share your family tree in the form of PDF, PNG, SVGs, and JPEGs format.

Execute And Extend

You can easily execute and extend your family tree by adding locations, dates, and other information to each node with the help of custom properties. With the model objects, you can create multiple perspectives of your family tree. You can convert your family tree into ecomaps, genograms, pedigree charts, hierarchical charts, and more.

How Can We Make A Family Tree Maker Chart?

Now it’s time to make a family tree with a family tree maker chart. So if you are ready to make a family tree then follow the given steps one by one.

  • First, gather important information about your family and ancestors. it is recommended that start your family tree with your third generation like great-grandparents or grandparents and relatives.
  • Collect and insert the key information in your family tree as you talk to your family members. Note down important information like birth dates, locations, and the relationship along with their photos.
  • Choose the best template for your family tree.
  • The next step is simply to import or drag and drop all records such as images, videos, and screenshots into your family tree.
  • Choose your family tree templates wisely so that it looks attractive.
  • Start your tree with your ancestors and then the youngest comes at the bottom.
  • Choose the best color theme. You can customize your family tree further.
  • Once you do all this then click on the Save button.
  • Your family tree will be created and now share your family tree.

Family Tree Maker Chart Popular Templates

In the FTM chart, you can choose the best templates for your family tree. Here we give a list of some best family tree templates, check them.

  • Blank family tree template
  • Star wars family tree
  • Rothschild family tree
  • Vintage family tree
  • Targaryen family tree
  • My family tree template
  • Ecomap template
  • Genogram
  • Culturagram template
  • Genogram template
  • Ecomap family assessment


Family Tree Maker Chart is very easy and simple. You can easily make a family tree by editing the predefined templates. If you did not get your answer then contact the family tree maker support and get the best answer from our tech support team. Call +1-800-697-1474 for getting instant help. Use our free live chat support from our site.

FAQ Questions

#Q1. How do I make a family tree chart?

Ans: Gather information, choose your templates, insert the data into your family tree, and click the save button.

#Q2. Can I install a family tree maker on an iPad?

Ans: Yes, you can use family tree maker on IPad.

#Q3. How do I print my ancestry tree from IPad?

Ans: Open any ancestry page and click the tree tab and select the tree that you want to print. Click on the print button.

#Q4. How many Family trees can you make on ancestry com?

Ans: There is no limit to making family trees on ancestry com. You can make many family trees on ancestry.

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